Home Decor: Making Your Home Feel Like Summer All Year Long

Home Decor: Making Your Home Feel Like Summer All Year Long

Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like Summer Year-Round

Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with an address in Portugal and the benefit to enjoy sweet summer climate all year round (and we'll never be able to accept that fact gracefully)! However, being the smarty pants that we are, we've made a compromise with ourselves called “make it your own summer in your own home”. And, guess what? It's not Portugal, but it's working (so far).

Transforming your home so it resembles one of the glorious shore/beach cabins or resorts may pose as a bit of a challenge, at first. Still, once you get into the speed of things, the ideas just keep on coming and before you know it – you are (almost) living in your dream beach house, enjoying every single moment of it.

Home Decor: Making Your Home Feel Like Summer All Year LongIf you love summer like we do and you wish to give your home a new twist – but you somehow don't know where to start – here are a few tips that will make things way easier!

Visualize your décor

Before you go into a remodeling session though, close your eyes and think of a perfect summer house. Think about every little detail – from the types of curtains, rugs and furniture to dominant colors, accessories and ornaments. What do you see? Is your summer house a copy-paste of an amazing Greek royal-blue-meets-white interior or are you more into Mexican resort explosion-of-colors design? Is there a lot of furniture or are things minimal? If your summer house at the beach or somewhere in the woods/on the mountain? Open your eyes and write everything down. Once you have a clear vision, you'll know how to take things from there.

Home Decor: Making Your Home Feel Like Summer All Year LongInvite happiness through colors

To invite summer in your home, try to give your house a color-do-over, especially if currently dominant colors are dark and heavy. Now that you are clear on your vision, start moving towards making it a reality. If your dream house is predominantly white, make sure your real house is the same. Strip the brown paint of your current furniture and give it a white coat or, to give the house a rustic, beachy element – let the furniture stay stripped of paint, with no coating. If you don't have enough money to buy new seating, embrace DIY options like throwing white covers over and then decorating everything with big cushions in rich colors like royal blue, emerald green, yellow and hot pink. Naturally, you'll choose accessories in colors you like and feel most comfortable around.

Home Decor: Making Your Home Feel Like Summer All Year LongLet the nature in

It goes without saying that leaving the windows uncovered and clean is the first step to a bright home. Placing potted plants inside the house by the window or outside of it (so it's visible from the inside) is a great way to introduce nature into your design. Place vases with fresh flowers anywhere you can so that they catch the eye the moment someone walks into the room; make sure you place the vases in the areas of the space that are most prominent. Bring summery scents into your home by lighting scented candles, scented sticks and investing in quality air purifiers. You want your home to feel and smell fresh, don't you?

Home Decor: Making Your Home Feel Like Summer All Year LongPay attention to accessories

Accessories are the perfect way you can introduce a desired tone into any space. Sometimes, even if your base is a bit dull, you can achieve grand things by manipulating ornaments and accessories.

Here are a few ideas:

Bathroom: Use empty, see-through jars or bowls and fill them with sand and gravel. Add a few sea shells to invite that by-the-sea feel. Place them around your bathroom or directly on the sink so they are visible. If you love this idea, you can use it as a linking motif that goes throughout your entire home. Further, hang a photo of sceneries that remind you of summer, like the sea waves, boats, fishing, etc. – whatever fits your aesthetics.

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Home Decor: Making Your Home Feel Like Summer All Year LongKitchen: Place fresh fruits and veggies into bowls and put them in visible places. They'll evoke that summery vibe perfectly.

Living room: Use details like life-saving floats in royal blue on your gallery wall or in the hallway, hang pictures/photos that ring “summer” to you, invite florals or other patterns you feel would create the best summer vibe… Paint one wall in royal blue and make it your accent wall. Place seashells around…. Experiment!

When you are re-decorating, make sure you stay true to your vision and don't ever stop upgrading your space. Each new element will be linked to a memory, a feeling or an idea, so keep on building and enjoy the process!


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