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A remodel is no minor feat, it includes a lot of planning, time and carefully considered design solutions. In order to get the full potential out of your , a head to bottom renovation is necessary. From the layout of the space to the right appliances and finally the perfect accessories. Be prepared to devote both time and funds to remodel your , but rest assured when finished it will all be worth it.

This article will guide you through the renovation process and help you get the most out of your remodel. So let’s start!

How To Remodel Your Kitchen - Homeowners Workbook - Renovations remodel your kitchenThe Layout

Before you decide on the layout, you need to think carefully about how you plan on using your . In recent years the purpose of the space has changed significantly, it went from being a cooking and food storage space to a multi-use space where you can eat, open the post, entertain and help with the childrenโ€™s homework. This is why the layout is so important. Even though every home is different, there are some classic layouts, each with their own benefits. You can opt for a single or a double galley kitchen with one or two continuous runs of cabinets. On the other hand if you choose an L-shaped design, your can be built into a corner and offer optimum counter space. Finally, there is the U-shaped design, it serves the purpose of surrounding the cook on three sides putting everything within easy reach.

How To Remodel Your Kitchen - Homeowners Workbook - Renovations remodel your kitchenPutting The Plan Into Action

After deciding on the layout it’s time to start preparing to remodel your . First get all the and electric work done. It is important that all the sockets and pipes are in the right place so that you can put all the elements and appliances in the right place. Next come the walls, it is best to opt for washable paint, it is easier to clean and last longer. For the stow area it is advisable to get a colourful washable panel since it will be getting the most grease exposure.

Don’t forget about the floors, tiles are the most sensible option since the floor needs to be cleaned daily. Just make sure you opt for non slippery ones as to avoid accidents.

Get The Perfect Appliances

Before installing all the elements it is important to decide on the appliances and their place in the . It is important to get the brand you trust, for example, durable LG appliances are ideal for a busy family . In order for everything to fit perfectly, you need to know the exact measure of each appliance. If your fridge is too high or your stow too wide you will have to go back to the drawing board which can cost both time and money. Make sure that you get energy-efficient appliances, that can help you save money in the long run.

How To Remodel Your Kitchen - Homeowners Workbook - Renovations remodel your kitchenThe Finishing Touches

Now that everything is ready, you have the elements in place, all the appliances are connected, there are just a few little things that we can do. First, renew your cutlery, sharpen the knives and get some new colourful bowls. Making a nice snack bar is aย  great idea, you can mixs some healthy snacks and fruit so that no one in your home gets tempted to reach for the unhealthy ones. Finally, add some flowers to the window, there is nothing more beautiful than a light, colourful .

We hope that this little workbook will help you remodel your without a lot of difficulty. Having a good plan and sketching out all the details is key to any space design. For those parts of remodel that requires expert knowledge it is always better to call in professionals. Especially for and wiring jobs, they are key to using your safely every day.

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