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Winnipeg Condo Buyers, Sellers & Owners

Winnipeg Condo Buyers, Sellers & Owners

Buying a Condo - Selling a Condo - Winnipeg Condo Tips & Information Tips, Advice and News for Condo buyers, sellers and owners in Winnipeg. Whether you are looking to buy a condo, sell your condo or just want to keep up with condo rule and law changes, this is a great place to get the info you need. Articles for first time home buyers, buyers looking to downsize to a condo, or owners looking to sell their condo units.  

Warning: Don’t buy a condo before you read this article

Do not buy a condo until you've read this article. Here is a compilation of articles about condo-living, and things to know before you buy.

Featured Condo: Oak Ridge Pointe Condominiums at 697 St. Annes Rd....

Condo Spotlight: Oak Ridge Pointe Condos at 697 St. Annes Rd, Winnipeg . Located on the east side of St. Anne's Rd, and backing onto the...

Long Term Study looks at Condo Fees Facts and Myths

Condo Fee Myths debunked . A 10-year study, conducted by condos.ca, took a look at some facts and myths about condo fees. Do brand-new condos have lower...

6 reasons to buy a condo in downtown Winnipeg

6 reasons to buy a Condo in downtown Winnipeg Downtown Winnipeg might not be the first place you think of when  you are considering buying a condominium but...

Copperstone Estates – Island Shore Blvd – Winnipeg Condo Community

Spotlight on: Copperstone Estates Located in popular Island Lakes in the south end of Winnipeg, Copperstone Estates Condos offer the best of condo-living.  Semi-attached homes...

Do I Need Home Insurance For My Apartment Condo Unit?

Condo buyers have a very common question: "When I own a condo unit in a high-rise building, and my condo fees include "Insurance", will I still have to get more insurance coverage for my condo?

Quiz: Test your Winnipeg Condominium Knowledge

How well do you know Condos? Take this 9-question test and find out how well you know condos! #condos #Winnipeg #Condominiums

55-plus Age Restricted Condos in Winnipeg

If you are looking for one of Winnipeg's 55 plus Condos, the following is a list of units which may fall into this category. 

Is the #Winnipeg Condominium market reaching a saturation point?

How many condos are available in Winnipeg? . I've been tracking the available condo listings in Winnipeg for a few years now, and see something very...

Condo Fees vs. House Expenses

Thinking of buying a condo in Winnipeg? Condo fees get a bad rap. We need to realize that some of the items which are included in a condo fee would cost more money in a stand alone house.

Quiz: Is a Condo the right option for you – Condo...

Condo life is not for everyone. But for the right person, it may offer a perfect solution. Are you suited to living in a condo? Take the quiz and find out.

Selling Your Winnipeg Property: 10 Powerful Steps To Guarantee Success

Thinking of selling your Winnipeg property?  Whether it is a house, or a condo, in Winnipeg or just about any other real estate market,...

First-Time Condo Owners: 4 useful items for your new condo

Four Items You Need to Purchase for Your New Condo . So you have bought a new condo in Winnipeg: now what? Here, four must-have staples...

Will I need home insurance for my high-rise condominium?

Condo buyers have questions: will they need to buy home insurance if they buy a high-rise apartment style condo?

#Winnipeg #Condominium Report August 2013 #Infographic

Winnipeg Condo Market Report for August 2013 (Infographic) . Condominium sales in Winnipeg usually make up about 15-20% of the real estate market.  At the end...