55-plus Condos In Winnipeg: Perfect Choice For You?

55-plus Condos in Winnipeg

55-plus condos: Perfect for you?

It's an often-reported fact that Winnipeg‘s population is aging, so 55-plus condos were becoming quite popular.  In fact, there are numerous advantages to owning a condoHowever, the recent changes to the Condominium Act have made bylaws, which restrict ownership based on age, obsolete.

These were units with bylaws that state that the owner/occupant of the unit must be at least 55 years of age.  (Some 55-plus condos have dropped this age requirement down to 50 yrs, in an effort to attract more buyers).  Even though they are no longer technically allowed to discriminate based on age, there are still several condos where ownership is mostly the mature, even elderly persons.  See the list at the bottom of this post.

For the right person, there are a number of advantages to these (formerly called) 55-plus condos.  Here are a few:

1) Security

Many of these 55-plus condos are built with security in mind, sometimes with security cameras but almost always with good secure locks on well-lit entry ways.  This is important to many senior citizens who want to feel safe in their own homes.

2) Handicap accessible

Many buildings feature wider-than-normal hallways, doors and bathrooms, to allow access via wheelchair or walker. Additionally, they may have ramps or elevators to assist with navigating multiple floors. Handicap accessible parking is also available at many locations. It is important to check with the individual business or venue prior to visiting to confirm if they offer handicap accessibility.

3) “Community Spirit”

Quite often, the residents organize weekly pot-luck dinners, shopping trips, card-games and other outings. These events help to foster a sense of community spirit and belonging. Community spirit is an important part of a healthy society. It builds trust between neighbors, strengthens friendships, and encourages civic participation. It helps us to look out for one another, solve problems, and work together towards common goals.

In the end, fostering a sense of community spirit makes life more enjoyable for everyone.

It increases our quality of life, making it easier to find new friends, make connections with other local organizations, and get involved in meaningful activities. It can even boost our physical and mental health. There are many ways to nurture community spirit in any neighborhood. For example, holding regular block parties or potlucks can help people meet their neighbors and build relationships.

Bo Kauffmann Real Estate Agent Winnipeg

People can also volunteer with local charities or participate in civic engagement initiatives like clean-ups or food drives.

No matter how big or small the effort, working together to improve our communities is an invaluable way to create a sense of belonging. By doing so, we create a better place for ourselves and future generations.

4) “Birds of a Feather”

Since everyone in the building is 55 yrs or older, and most often retired, residents tend to have a lot in common, and friendships are made easily….  if you WANT to do so.  One of the best ways to meet other residents is to join a group activity. Many buildings offer weekly activities like book clubs, potluck dinners, or game nights. Participating in these activities gives people an opportunity to get to know each other and create lasting relationships.

Additionally, many buildings have common areas like lobbies, patios, or gardens where people can gather and chat.

Taking advantage of these shared spaces can help foster friendships between residents. Another way to make friends in an older age building is to attend special events such as holiday parties, karaoke nights, or outdoor movie screenings. These are great opportunities to meet people with similar interests and form bonds over shared experiences. Finally, it's important to remember that everyone is in a different stage of life and may not be looking for a social outlet.

Respect people's need for privacy and let them approach you if they want to interact.

5) Conveniences

Local grocery stores often arrange weekly bus-trip to their shops.  Some condos arrange for a local nurse to attend monthly, or bi-monthly for a general visit.  Many condos have a fitness center, swimming pool, and other amenities for residents to use. Many also provide on-site concierge service and community events. Some condos even offer on-site restaurants, cafes, or bars.

Other conveniences may include dry cleaning services, laundry facilities, beauty salons, and spas. There are often nearby parks and outdoor areas for activities such as walking, biking, or jogging. Some condos even offer access to golf courses, tennis courts, and other recreational facilities.

Amenities in 55-plus condos

Amenities in 55-plus condos often include common rooms

6) Amenities

55-plus condominiums often feature amenities not found in regular condos.  Things such as a library, a meeting room, a lounge with kitchen, a fitness room and more.  Some condos may also offer amenities such as a swimming pool, hot tubs, and shuffleboard courts. Common areas are often furnished with comfortable furniture, bookshelves, and game tables.

Security features such as keypad entry systems may be installed to ensure the safety of residents. Some 55-plus condos may also include special services such as transportation, home care, and concierge services.

55-plus Condos in Winnipeg 55-plus condos

List of former 55-plus condos in Winnipeg

Although not officially able to maintain a 55-plus restriction, these condo communities should have a majority of elderly owners.

  • Bell Cove (Headingley South)
  • Country Villas Blvd.  (E.St Paul)
  • 3420 Grant Ave.
  • 4314 Grant Ave.
  • 380 John Forsyth Rd.
  • 1460 Portage Ave
  • 1976 Portage Ave.
  • 3200 Portage Ave.
  • Rockmaple Rd.  (E. St. Paul)
  • 4025 Roblin Blvd.
  • 679, 681,685, 687, 697, 785, 795, 805, 815  St. Anne's Rd.
  • 500 Tache Ave.
  • 208, 212 Watson St.
  • 687 Warde Ave.
  • 20 Wynstone Cir.  (E. St. Paul)
  • 403 Regent Ave W.  (Madeline Estates)



Home-owners who are thinking of selling their houses for a variety of reasons (want to travel, no more yardwork, security issues), but don't feel they are ready for a retirement community, might well consider checking out a 55-plus Condominium.  There are a growing number of such communities in Winnipeg.  For a sample list of addresses which feature “age-restricted' condos, click on 55 plus condominiums.

Bo Kauffmann at Remax Performance Realty  204-333-2202.  If you’re thinking of selling your current home, or thinking about 55 plus condominiums and wish to discuss your options, please call me anytime.



55-plus Condos in Winnipeg 55-plus condosAbout the Publisher

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