1060 Dakota Street - The Courts Condominiums - Winnipeg

Townhouse Condos At 1060 Dakota St., Winnipeg

Spotlight on: “The Courts” Condominiums

Located at the corner of Dakota Street and Nova Vista Avenue, you've find a charming little condo community known as ‘The Courts'.  Official address is 1060 Dakota Street, Winnipeg, MB.

Year Built:  2000

This condo project was built ca. 2000 by well-known Winnipeg builder Randall Homes.

Total Condos:

This condo community has 4 buildings, each containing 4 townhomes, for a total of 16 units.  Most of the units are shown as 1,280 sq ft, with a couple listed at 1300 to 1310 sq ft.  The majority are 2 BR units, with 2 of them having been configured as a 3 BR layout.  Again, MOST feature 1 full bath, and 2 half-baths (one of these is an enquite, while the other is located on the main floor).  All units feature a full basement, which can be customized to suit your needs.

Condo Restrictions:

Just the usual condo-restrictions, such as “No Laundry to be hung from the balcony” etc.  Pets are allowed, so long as they don't pose a nuisance to other owners.  Owners are allowed to rent out their units, however must assure that their tenants abide by all rules.

Property Taxes

Gross Property Taxes are approximately $3,300, depending on whether the basement is finished or not.  Condos do qualify for the same tax rebates as houses, so the net amount payable depends on the current tax environment.

Kitchen and dinette area of condo

Condo Fees

Condo fees are $339 per month, which includes snow-clearing, grass cutting, management fees and contributions to the condo reserve fund.  Interesting to note is that the Reserve Fund is actually more than 100% at recommended levels, a rarity in Winnipeg Condos these days

All units have their own furnace, a/c, washer/dryer hook ups.  All units come with an outdoor parking spot, some of them even include a 2nd spot.  As well, each unit has it's own deck, which is accessible off he sliding patio doors in the living room.  Fully fenced yard for you and your 3 neighbours (in each building).

Utility bills, such as water, heat and electricity or the owners responsibility and NOT included in the condo fees.

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Amenities at ‘The Courts’

Unlike many high-rise condos, these do not include a ‘common-room' or amenities of any kind.  This helps to keep condo costs relatively low.

The Courts townhouse condos at 1060 Dakota Street

The Courts townhouse condos at 1060 Dakota Street


Dakota Street is a major bus route, and these condos are located close to major shopping, schools and parks.


Over the past few years, several units have sold in the $275 to $290K range, with finished rec rooms.

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Townhouse Condos At 1060 Dakota St., Winnipeg 1060 Dakota StreetAbout the Publisher

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