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Combining home alarm company ADT, REMAX and D’Arcy’s ARC

Thief burglar opening door during house breaking penetration

I just love it when a plan comes together…

I just combined with ADT Alarms to help promote their alarm system installation and monitoring services here in Winnipeg.  It’s a win-win for anyone using the special phone number and Promo Code in the offer below.  Here is how it works.  If you need a new alarm system for your home, call the special ADT number1-888-395-5465 to schedule an appointment.  When asked, use Special Promo Code A185962

If you decide to sign up with ADT Alarms, you’ll receive 20% off the system and installation (with a 36-month monitoring contract)   WIN!

And as a thank-you, ADT will donate $125 to a charity of my choice, which is D’Arcy’s Animal Rescue Centre.  WIN!

ADT for 140 years

I met with Steven McMullin, the ADT Residential Rep in Winnipeg. and have learned a few very interesting things:
  • ADT includes ‘theft protection’ in their plans, which means that if your home is broken-into, while being monitored by ADT, yourinsurance deductible is paid by ADT.
  • Also, if you are a client of ADT, and sell your home, they will install a new system in your next home...FREE of charge.
  • Plus, ADT offers Quality Guaranteed Service plan…..if anything ever goes wrong with the system while you are a client of ADT, they will come and fix or replace as needed.
  • Available monitoring for temperature and water.
  • Remote control available.

They offer a range of services and guarantees which are un-matched in the industry, so be sure to call 1-888-395-5465   to schedule your appointment, and use Promo Code  A185962.
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  1. Helpful article with lots of details but I would love to hear from some real ADT customers on their experiences. It seems to be so all over the map – some good, some great and some horrible. So I need to know the true pros and cons from real customers. Anyone out there who can help?

  2. It’s a great idea to combine all the companies like ADT, REMAX and D’Arcy. There are no doubts that ADT is the best in the market. And I really glad to know that they are donating $125 to charity for one installation. Good job!

  3. ADT offers MANY special features, that other companies just wont match. YES, they are a little more, but check out the article to see just a few of the extras.


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