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Outdoor Features That Will Add Value To Your Home

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Best Safety Measures For An Indoor Pool

When you have an indoor pool, you can use it year-round, regardless of changing weather. Additionally, you avoid unknown variables such as the infiltration...

Easy Home Improvements To Increase Curb Appeal

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Tips for Designing the Perfect At-Home Fitness Center

When it comes to beating the winter doldrums and keeping fit, there’s nothing like a trip to the gym. But trudging your way out...

Hidden Home Dangers You Need To Know About

Being a homeowner is a difficult enough job as it is, but there’s often more than meets the eye to a home when you...

The Costliest Renovation Mistakes

“They don’t build homes like they used to” is an axiom that has its positives and negatives. While today’s new constructions feature comforts beyond...

Upgrades To Keep Your Home Warmer This Winter

Winter is far from over. If the thought makes you shiver in your boots, maybe it’s time to find ways to make your house warmer. Read on to learn more.

Buying A House Or Condo In 2021 – Home Buyers Guide

Buying a house or condo is likely the largest financial step you will ever take. Here are 6 steps and a video to help prepare you for the journey.

How To Deal With a Nightmare Tenant

Owning a rental property can be a big step toward passive income and financial independence. Learn how to deal with a nightmare tenant in a professional way, so you don’t lose too much money, time, or sanity.

Tips for Designing a Cohesive Home

A cohesive home is one that's perfectly balanced, with each room flowing into the next with few disruptions. With a bit of effort, you can create a cohesive interior design plan for any home, whether it's one you live in or one you're looking to sell.

What To Consider Before Buying an Older Home

As attractive as new construction with built-in modern amenities can be, there’s no denying that old houses have a certain character that today’s builders simply can’t replicate. New HVAC Systems Older homes built before the advent of central heating and air conditioning can be beautiful but still leave you feeling a little chilly here and there—especially during those unforgiving Manitoba winters.