5 Kitchen Upgrades To Include In Your Remodel

5 Kitchen Upgrades To Include in Your Remodel

Whether you're looking to sell your house or just trying to make the most of your current space, a kitchen renovation can take your home to the next level. Designers and engineers are always developing new devices and features that make cooking and cleaning more convenient. Here are five kitchen upgrades to include in your next remodel.

Touch-Activated Sink

If you've ever handled raw meat in the kitchen, you know how hard it is to keep things sanitary. For example, how are you supposed to wash up without touching anything when both of your hands have handled raw ingredients?

What you need in this situation is a touch-activated sink. Basically, these sinks always have the handle turned to the on position, but the water doesn't run until you touch it. If you are trying to avoid touching the sink while your hands are contaminated, simply turn on the spout with your arm or wrist instead.

Double Wall Oven

If you have the space to accommodate it, a double wall oven has many advantages. For home chefs, it's much easier to cook multiple dishes at once and have them come out at the same time. Many wall-mounted ovens also come with features like air frying, which means you won't need to buy additional kitchen appliances.

Ice Maker

An ice maker is a fantastic kitchen upgrade to include in your remodel, especially if you enjoy hosting parties and making beverages. With this machine, you're no longer limited to the small quantity of ice that most refrigerators produce, making it much easier to bartend or fill up ice chests from home.

Bluetooth Speakers

While a home speaker system is great to have in your entire main living area, it's especially helpful in the kitchen so you can listen to music, television shows, and online radio while you're cooking. You can even listen to someone read out cooking instructions without needing to change the volume on your other devices.

Brighter Lighting

One of the best ways to make your house more attractive to buyers—or increase your own happiness—is to install brighter lighting in the kitchen. Not only will it help home chefs see what they're doing more easily, but it helps make the kitchen look more spacious and inviting.

We hope this list provides some helpful tips for your next kitchen remodel—there are many options to choose from!

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