Tips For Staging Your Fix And Flip Home For Cheap

Tips for Staging Your Fix and Flip Home for Cheap

One of the most important components of selling a home is how you stage it. After finding a flip property neighborhood and renovating the house, your budget is most likely scarce. Use the following tips for staging your fix and flip home for cheap. But pull in numerous buyers so that you have many offers to choose from.

Appeal to the Five Senses

The fastest way to attract home buyers is to appeal to the five senses of sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. Add pops of color in eye-appealing artwork and bring in textures throughout the home with blankets, rugs, etc. Light candles to make the home smell lovely, have fresh baked cookies that smell divine, offer refreshments, and don’t forget to play music to give the home a pleasant ambiance.

Use the Space Wisely

Use the space that you have wisely. Place items with intention; these props won’t stay for long. You’re just staging the fix and flip home affordably to pull in potential clients. Arrange the furniture in a way that makes the rooms in the home look slightly larger.

Keep It Simple

Never overdo the amount of décor you put in the house. You’re only making it harder on yourself if you stuff the home full of items. Instead, include just enough to give the house some finishing touches that appeal to the home buyers. Simple is best in this case because overdoing it will make clients look elsewhere for their needs.

Focus on Important Rooms

Not every room in the home is essential to decorate, so don’t feel like you need to stage all of them. You should stage the kitchen, living room, bathrooms, and master bedroom (along with any other unique features in the home). Having items in these areas will help the clients imagine their own décor items and furnishings in the rooms.


Always remember that you don’t need to go over the top with the staging—a little bit can go a long way. Ensure that you place items with intention and direct clients through the home’s natural flow so that they can get a feel for the living space. The way you stage the home could make or break how many offers you get on the house because it’s easier for clients to picture themselves living there.

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