Reasons Why Your Kitchen Should Have A Range Hood

Reasons Why Your Kitchen Should Have a Range Hood

People consider many factors when remodeling their kitchens. High-impact upgrades such as new countertops or cabinets are always a good idea, but something that many renovators overlook is installing a proper range hood. There are many reasons why your kitchen should have a range hood, from visual flair to overall cleanliness. Discover more reasons below.

Increased Air Quality

A range hood’s primary function is to increase kitchen ventilation. Thanks to the fans and ducts in the hood, any smoke, steam, and grease from cooking are sucked into the ventilation system and not inhaled by the chef. Overall, this improves the air quality in your kitchen, resulting in a healthier cooking area for homeowners. It’s also incredibly beneficial for residents with respiratory problems.

Style and Convenience

One of the best reasons you should have a range hood in your kitchen is the style and convenience options it can offer. Range hoods come in several makes and models to go with any style of kitchen decor. Many people also use the metal bases to store magnet hooks, allowing easy access to cooking utensils and hot pads. Determining the best ways to utilize your hood to meet your personal needs is a fundamental part of your kitchen’s charm.


Range hoods also reduce cleaning time. Many homeowners often find sticky, dusty residues on the walls above their stoves—these layers of grime form when excess grease mixes with steam or humidity in the air. Proper ventilation in your range prevents these mixtures from settling on your kitchen surfaces and causing unsightly growth, mold, and bacteria.

Resale Value

Another significant advantage of installing a range hood is that it’s a good investment if you ever sell your home. Depending on the make and model of the hood, a proper renovation may increase your home value by thousands of dollars. Therefore, a new range hood may be worth the investment if you’re looking to sell your home in the future.

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