The 3 Best Closing Gift Ideas For REALTORS®

The 3 Best Closing Gift Ideas for REALTORS®

As you can see in this February housing market report, this is a great market for anyone looking to sell their home. Nonetheless, demand is still high if you’re a REALTOR® representing a client who wants to purchase their dream home.

Once the deal closes, a fantastic way to thank your client for their business is to give them a nice housewarming gift. With this in mind, here are the three best closing gift ideas for REALTORS®.

A Bottle of Wine

Buying a home requires a lot of effort, and once that’s all said and done, your client has to get ready to move all their belongings into their new home. Once they settle into their new location, your client will probably want to let off a little steam after all that work.

You can help them do this by giving them a bottle of wine as a closing gift. In addition, you can go the extra mile and pair the wine with a charcuterie board or some other tasty snack.

A Gift Certificate to a Local Restaurant

If your client is moving to a new area, they might not be familiar with businesses in the neighborhood. You can help them get acclimated to their new surroundings by offering a gift certificate to one of the best local restaurants.


This will help your clients feel more at home in their new location and showcase your expertise in this location. However, make sure that the amount you put on the gift certificate or gift card will cover the meals for everyone living in the house, including spouses and kids.

A Bouquet of Flowers

Since your client is moving into their home, they might need to purchase new decorations if they didn’t bring any from their previous residence. However, you can help them decorate by giving them a beautiful bouquet of flowers as a closing gift.

House plants are the best REALTOR® closing gift because they are affordable, useful, and they enhance the sensory experience in any room. When your client walks into their living room and smells the bouquet, it will make their home feel significantly more comfortable.

Overall, you should set a budget for what you want to give your clients at closing. Now that you know the three best closing gift ideas for REALTORS®, go ahead and make your purchase to thank your client for a successful deal.

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