Top 10 Grocery Options For Downtown Winnipeg Residents

Top 10 Grocery Options for downtown #Winnipeg residents

Top 10 Grocery Options for Downtown Winnipeg


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One of the biggest questions people ask when they find out that you live in downtown Winnipeg is, “where do you get your groceries?”

At first glance, it might appear that grocery options in downtown Winnipeg are few and far between. But this is not necessary the case! Find out where to get your groceries this week in downtown Winnipeg:

1)     Downtown Family Foods. Located at the corner of Broadway and Donald, this grocery store features a variety of meats, produce, dairy, snack foods, frozen and canned goods, household items and more. It is the biggest “most accessible” grocery store available to downtown residents.

2)     Giant Tiger. One of the busiest stores in the area, Giant Tiger caters to many downtown Winnipeg residents. Dried goods are some of the most popular items here, although they also feature a bakery section, meats, and pre-made items among others. They have recently started showcasing fresh produce at the check-out counter, inviting customers to make their final purchase a healthy one.

3)     The Forks Market. A little bit of a walk from residential areas, the market at the Forks can be a goldmine for the shopper looking for a large variety of items. From local honey to baked goods to fresh produce to gourmet cheeses and pastas, the Forks is worth the extra trip.

4)     Farmers' Markets. The Manitoba Hydro, Osborne Village, and Health Sciences farmers' markets are the best-known in downtown Winnipeg. Although only open for a few months of the year, they offer the perfect opportunity to support local farmers and try out some ingredients and products grown right here in Manitoba.

5) Newly opened, this beautiful website lists a variety of local, organic, fair trade, healthy food options. Their online “aisles” are extensive and they advertise free same-day delivery at a time of your choosing. This is great for those cold days when you don't want to walk to the store, or if you are too busy to take the time to do a proper grocery shop.

6)     Chinatown. If you're looking for inexpensive herbs, spices, and ethnic ingredients that you can't find at your average grocery store, Chinatown is your go-to! The grocery stores in this area are the place to go to find ingredients for exotic cuisine.

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7)     Sacco & Vanzetti's. Although the selection is small, the little grocery store tucked at the back of Mondragon is all about vegan and organic options and provides the essentials you need in your vegan lifestyle.

8)     Young's Market. This ethnic food store markets itself as a “unique adventure” – and it certainly is! You'll find ingredients you had never heard of before at Young's Market. Be sure to set some time aside to visit the grocery store; it's a large store with plenty to see down every aisle.

9)     VitaHealth. The Osborne Village VitaHealth location is something of a trek from downtown Winnipeg, but you won't regret making that trek. Between the bulk items, local produce and eggs, organic oils, “green” beauty products, and sustainable meats, you can purchase nearly everything you need right here.

10)  Safeway. Safeway has locations in Osborne Village and on Sherbrook. Just in case you can't find all that you wanted at some of the smaller grocery stores, you can travel the extra distance to find the other staples at these larger stores.

Happy eating!


Sagan Morrow owns an open-concept condo in Winnipeg's Exchange District and loves downtown living. She writes the blog Living Healthy in the Real World, is the Executive Director of the Food Label Movement, and is the Development Coordinator for Food Matters Manitoba. Sagan is a freelance writer and editor as well as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. She enjoys taking in the theatre and culture of downtown Winnipeg during her spare time.


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