The Latest Kitchen Trends For Your Winnipeg Home

The latest kitchen trends for your next home

What are the latest trends in kitchen designs?

Mountain luxury home with wood kitchen and granite countertop.

Mountain luxury home with wood kitchen and granite countertop.

The kitchen is the heart of most homes, so it is understandable that when buying a home people look for a great kitchen. Remodeling this room cannot only breathe new life into a property, but can also add resale value. In this article I will look at some of the latest trends for kitchen design and remodeling.

If you are bored with the current design of your kitchen and have been thinking about renovating your kitchen, this may be the best time to take the charge. Before you decide to throw away money to a pro to handle your kitchen-remodeling project, it is best to think about some creative ideas to introduce to the place.

Remember, kitchen remodeling is an expensive and time-consuming project; therefore, you need to do your homework if you want to cut cost and expedite the work to see your new kitchen up and running. The effort you put into remodeling your kitchen is worth the outcome that would come in the form of boost in your home's value. It is recommended that you keep an eye on your house's worth as it turns out to be helpful.

Here are some latest kitchen-remodeling trends you can introduce to your cooking space:


Wooden cabinets and furniture style designs have topped the latest trends when it comes to the kitchen. This trend is built on the concept that kitchen is the nucleus of your home, so it should be a cherished place for your whole family rather than a boring working area. Introducing aesthetically crafted furniture to the kitchen will turn the space into a warm, cozy and welcoming space.

Oak kitchen cabinets and mixed color furniture are latest trends for the kitchen. Maple kitchen cabinets and cherry chicken cabinets are also trending. Remarkable patterns of corresponding woods and wood stains can further beautify your kitchen.

Open shelves

In addition to working as display space, open shelves are functional solution for your kitchen area. Open shelving would instill life in your kitchen by creating a feeling of warmth besides maintaining functionality of the space.

New modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances

New modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances

White color

White color in the kitchen is a latest trend that makes picture-perfect logic. White colored kitchen cabinets and appliances that are uncomplicated, tidy and simple would give an aura of more space in addition to making the kitchen look classy. White color would perfectly blend the furniture and appliances, showing them as an extension of each other.

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Using a wallpaper in your kitchen would boost the interest and charm of your cooking area. It is one of the major new trends in kitchen designs. Wallpapers, even if used in minor amounts, would introduce visual power to your kitchen. Select wallpapers that should compliment other elements in the kitchen. You can even try stunning contrasts or humble color palette.

Oil-rubbed bronze

Stainless steel is on the way out and it has been taken over by oil-rubbed bronze when it comes to important surfaces for kitchen gears like faucets, handles and knobs. If oil-rubbed bronze does not compliment other elements in your kitchen, you can even try brushed nickel or chrome to see how they fit.

Contemporary-conventional romance

Another latest trend in kitchen designs is a combination of modern and conventional styles. This will create a deep feeling besides maintaining traditionally effective working designs. This holds true for almost every element in the kitchen, including cupboards, color shades, fabrics and surfaces. The old-fashioned flat-board cabinet doors have been adapted into archetypal door profiles. Stainless steel is being used together with marble and wood.

Trends in sinks

People have been facing the problem of accepting and making the trend of metals like bronze and copper appear good with a stainless steel sink. The newest trend and ultimate solution is out: Simply go for a sink that is completely white, or maybe one with a warm color that compliments other elements.

Now that you are armed with information about the major kitchen design and remodeling trends, it is time to build on these ideas. These ideas will help you in your kitchen remodeling decision-making processes. You should also research and read more kitchen trends to come up with the best kitchen of the world. Happy remodeling!


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