7 Great Tips To Holding Your Best Yard Sale Ever


A yard sale can be a great way to both clear items from your home and make some extra spending money. However, you can only accomplish those goals if people know about the sale and are interested in the items available. Let’s take a look at how you can make your next sale the best one ever.

Your Most Profitable Yard Sale Ever

Advertise Well in Advance

No one is going to come to your yard sale if you don’t let people know about in advance. Effective methods of advertising such a sale include putting fliers on utility poles, posting on social media and putting advertisements in free publications.

Hold the Sale on a Pleasant Day

Attendance for a yard sale may be lower than you want it to be if the weather is cold or rainy. Therefore, aim to have the sale on a sunny day that features reasonably warm temperatures. If the weather won’t cooperate on your scheduled sale date, have an alternate rain or snow date ready to go ahead of time.

Provide Refreshments

A person who hadn’t planned on stopping at your sale may do so for a free soda or hot dog. Even if that person doesn’t buy anything, the fact that he or she showed up may make others curious about what is going on at your house.

Don’t Be Afraid to Negotiate

The sticker price on an item should be considered a guideline as opposed to a firm price. Some people go to these events just for the thrill of negotiating prices down, so humouring that desire may help you make more money.

Let People Come Early

It isn’t uncommon for people to arrive early at such a sale in an effort to get deals on unique items before others get them. Since you want to be a good host, encourage buyers to come early and get the day off to a good start.

Get People Excited to Buy

When a person gets emotionally invested in a product, he or she is likely to spend more for it. This means that you should have items that are deeply discounted or only available to the first 10 people who show up. It may serve as motivation for buyers to arrive early or make top dollar offers to get those special items.

End the Sale a Few Minutes Early

To create urgency among those at your sale, it may be a good idea to end the sale a few minutes before the scheduled closing time. This may encourage those who are undecided about making a purchase to stop thinking and start buying.

Yard sales can be effective tools to bring the community together for an afternoon of fun and adventure. It caters to all types of people such as those who like finding rare items, those who are looking for deals on things that they use each day and people who simply enjoy having something to do on a Saturday.

And if you’re holding a yard sale for the purpose of decluttering and getting your home ready for a sale, make sure to call Bo Kauffmann from REMAX to give you a market analysis and marketing plan.  And you can check out the 31 Cleaning Tips Checklist for your home.

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