5 Excellent Reasons To Buy a Home In The Winter

If you are thinking about buying a home in the near future, you shouldn’t feel like you have to wait until the spring or summer to do so. Instead, it may be possible to find the house that you like at a price that you can afford during those cold and snowy winter months. What are some good reasons to buy a home in the winter?

1There Isn’t a Lot of Demand During the Winter

The winter months are a time when people are focused on buying Christmas presents or otherwise dreaming their trip to Florida. Snow covered roads, short days and cold temperatures may keep a lot of buyers from visiting an open house or checking out available homes in general. This means that your offer may be the only one a seller sees, which gives you a lot of leverage.

2Sellers May Think Like Retailers Between Black Friday and Christmas

It isn’t uncommon for sellers to encourage buyers with perks such as gift cards for looking at the house or making an offer. They may also decide to keep appliances in the home for the buyer’s benefit or otherwise make concessions that wouldn’t otherwise be available. Therefore, you could save thousands on furnishing your home or pick up an easy $500 just for making an offer on a house that you want anyway.

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3You Never Know if Market Conditions Will Persist Into the Spring

As a general rule, you should finance your home whenever you think you can get the best deal. If you get an interest rate and other loan terms that are favourable, it doesn’t make sense to wait two or three months just because you think it is conventional to do so. Instead, go ahead, buy a home in the winter, ย and apply for your mortgage and complete the buying process as opposed to taking a risk that interest rates may rise.

4Your Lease Ends When Your Lease Ends

If you have a lease with your current landlord that expires in December, January or February, you have to make a decision immediately. While you could sign a bridge lease to give you time to finalize a home purchase on your own schedule if necessary, it could cost $100 or more per month to do so. In many cases, you can take possession of the home before the transaction closes assuming that the buyer is alright with that.

5Get a True Feel for Your New Home

  • What a great guerilla home shopping tactic. This reminds me of shopping for clothes deals during the off season. This is when you get the best deals!

  • That is one persuading article. I also like that point of view wherein you could check the state the house in during winter season. It is the most difficult time of the year and it has a harsh weather condition. Good idea.

  • Yes, so true. Instead of waiting for the next season, why don’t we focus on looking for that perfect house right now rather than pay for the rent on Winter. Winter should not be an excuse in doing that.

  • Interesting article, I found this very helpful. True that house is important, some people are unable to pay the lease in time not because they unable to pay it but as they have paid for other things such as children. I like that people can pay the lease whenever they want.

  • Yeah, I think you covered just about everything. Why extend your lease when you could save more and be in the Christmas spirit? Perfect way to start off the new year.