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Bathroom Renovations Tips

There are as many different bathroom decors as there are people who wish to (re)model their water room. However, if you are aiming for a modern bathroom, then the style should reflect the present times we live in, i.e. the fixtures that no bathroom can do without. From the bathtub to the heating system installed, here are the 7 best design tips we can give you in if you are planning modern bathroom renovations any time soon.

Bathroom Renovations Tips bathroom renovationsOverall neutrality

Whichever fixture you wish to install inside the bathroom, it needs to fit in well with the overall décor of the bathroom. In this sense, neutrality is the keyword, whether you are choosing the colour of the floor and wall tiles and deciding on the shape of the windows.

Tacky colours and awkwardly shaped fixtures like an out of the standard tub can seriously damage the pleasant atmosphere in the bathroom you are trying to create. Modern shapes, like squares and rectangles, should dominate the bathroom space. Furthermore, the colour scheme should not veer off too far from the neutral hues of white or light grey.

A floating vanity unit

Bathroom Renovations Tips bathroom renovationsYou might wrongly associate a floating vanity unit with public restrooms but they are quite useful in residential housing as well. Sure, you lose the extra storage space underneath the lavabo but you'll confer a sense of spaciousness.

Since the vanity will basically be protruding from the wall, the bathroom will appear bigger, which is a great interior design solution for smaller apartments. The storage space you stand to lose can be made up for in various innovative ways.

No shortage of storage space

Bathroom Renovations Tips bathroom renovationsShelving is quite popular nowadays, and the shelves are elevated high. Namely, there are many items inside the bathroom that you don't use often and that usually gets in the way. Delegate a single shelf to everyday items like shampoo, hair conditioner, creams, etc., while the rest of the paraphernalia should go on high shelves. In order to ease maintenance, these shelves should run in two rows, so as to prevent dust from collecting.

A freestanding bath or a freestanding shower

Bathroom Renovations Tips bathroom renovationsOne of the biggest dilemmas homeowners face while doing bathroom renovations is whether to install a bath or a shower cabin. This all comes down to individual needs but in terms of creating a modern bathroom, a freestanding bath is much more desirable,

Sure, a walk-in shower has the advantage of the ease of access but there is something stately about a freestanding bath that will be the centrepieces of your new bathroom. Furthermore, any child will tell you that taking a bath as opposed to taking a shower is way more fun, with all the soap bubbles flying around the bathroom.

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Plenty of natural light

Bathroom Renovations Tips bathroom renovationsAnother problem with modern housing is not the sheer size of the bathroom, i.e. its crampedness, but the fact that there is little to no natural light inside. There are even examples or architects who have, for some reason or the other, designed bathrooms with no windows at all!

You might be able to rely on ventilation shaft to pump fresh air inside and drain all moisture but you still cannot get the natural light inside. If your bathroom is located next to the exterior wall of the house, make sure there are large window openings that will allow plenty of natural light to enter the room. The window panes should be as large as possible but don't forget to address the issue of privacy if you live in a densely populated urban area.

Lighting up the water room

Regardless of how many windows you have in the bathroom, you're going to need artificial light at night. For this purpose, you don't need the old incandescent light bulbs propped at the ceiling, as LED technology is widely available and it is energy-efficient.

In fact, you can remove the light source from the ceiling altogether, as an LED strip around the vanity mirror is more than powerful enough to light up the entire room. The quality and the intensity of the light produced is more than enough to prevent cuts while having or improperly applied makeup. Finally, consider installing in-bowl LED light that can decorate and illuminate your toilet bowl or a bidet.

A towel warmer behind the door

The last fixture we list is not intended to make a splash. The good, old towel warmer shouldn't take up unnecessary space in the middle of the bathroom as its ideal located behind the bathroom door. Here, it is inconspicuous enough so you can go for a visually less attractive but a cheaper model. Its function, though, remains the same: enabling you to sink into a soft woollen towel right after you exit the tub after a bubble bath with scented salts.

We hope that these 7 interior design tips will help you update your bathroom in a suitable manner. Remember, it is up to you which features from the old bathroom you spruce up and which ones you deem as surplus.


Bio: Patrick Adams is a freelance writer and rock-blues fan. When he is not writing about home improvement, he loves to play chess, watch basketball, and play his guitar. More than anything, he loves to spend his time in his garage, repairing appliances and creating stuff from wood.

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