Hillary Supporters Moving To Canada: 10 Things You Need To Know

Hillary Supporters Moving To Canada: 10 Things You Need To Know

The election of Donald Trump on Nov. 8 shocked a lot of people both in America and around the world. However, if you were a Hillary Clinton supporter or simply don't agree with the vision for America that Trump has, moving to Canada may be on your radar. What are some of the best reasons to stop talking about leaving the United States and actually moving across the border to the north?

Universal Health Care Is a Thing

slide07_thumbIf you are a citizen or a permanent resident of Canada, you have access to basic health care services for free or at a significantly reduced cost. This includes the cost of seeing a doctor, having a surgical procedure done or getting medication to keep pain or other symptoms of a health condition in check. In some cases, those who are just visiting or otherwise staying in the country on a temporary basis may also be granted access to health care services.

Your Dollar Goes Further

slide11_thumbThe Canadian dollar is generally weaker than the American dollar, which means a $1 in New York could be worth $1.30 or more in Winnipeg. In a way, you could get away from Donald Trump's lack of economic vision while giving yourself a raise at the same time. You can still keep your American bank accounts or investment portfolio accounts, which means that you always have access to more dollars if you need them.

You Don’t Have to Move Too Far From Home

slide02_thumbWindsor, Ontario is just a few minutes from Detroit while St. Catherines is only a few minutes from Buffalo. Vancouver is only 2 hours from downtown Seattle while Winnipeg is just one hour from the northern border of the United States, and traveling to and from the country is easy if you have a passport.  Moving to Canada is actually a lot closer than many people think.


Politics Doesn’t Divide the Nation

slide08_thumbTo be fair, there is a sharp divide between liberals and conservatives in Canada. However, there is not the deep polarization that is often felt between political rivals in America. Canadians take the election results in stride and make sure that everyone is represented by whoever controls the government.

Gun Laws are Reasonable and Effective

slide04_thumbCanadian gun laws allow citizens to own most types of guns assuming that they can pass a criminal background check. They must also register their weapon if it falls into a restricted category. Restricted guns are typically any type of automatic weapon or any weapon that has the capacity to fire many rounds in a short period of time. However, any weapon that is labeled as non-restricted does not have to be registered, which protects the rights of those who do want to own a gun.

Real Estate Values are Optimal

slide12_thumbCanada's real estate prices are steady and rising.  Toronto and Vancouver aside (where prices rise at phenomenal rates) the rest of the country enjoys reasonable growth rates.  Winnipeg, as an example, offers beautiful houses and condos in the $300K Can. and up range.  Want to see some same listings?  Here are Remax House listings in Winnipeg,  and here are the Condo Listings in Winnipeg.  Looking for something a little more luxurious? Here are just the Luxury Homes and Condos listed in Winnipeg.

The Weather Is Reasonably Nice Throughout the Year

slide06_thumbIf you enjoy living in an area that experiences all four seasons, you will enjoy moving to Canada. While many think of it as a cold wasteland where it snows nonstop in the winter, that isn't necessarily true. Winnipeg has an average high of around 70 degrees in July, but it can easily get into the 80s or higher. They do get a couple of major snow storms per year, but the city is well equipped to handle this. And if you find it too cold and unbearable, simply do what many Canadian Snowbirds do: Take a vacation or buy a winter residence in the U.S.

You Don’t Have to Worry About Reproductive Rights

slide09_thumbIn Canada, people generally assume that you have the right to choose whether to have or abort a baby. While there are some who see the issue as a moral matter, the law says that you can choose for yourself what you do with your own body. This is generally a settled matter in the country. You don't have to worry about someone calling you a bad Christian or a baby killer for exercising control over your own body.

Canada Has Its Own Football League

slide03_thumbSports fans who are reluctant to leave America for fear of missing out on the NFL should take heart. Canada has its own football league that is rich in tradition and features many players who have played in the NFL or at major American colleges. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are among the league's oldest teams as well as one of the league's most successful with 10 Grey Cup titles. If you happen to be a Green Bay Packer fan, you will appreciate the fact that the team is run as a corporation with no one owner.

You Can Become a Dual Citizen

slide10_thumbMoving to Canada does not mean giving up your American citizenship. If you decide to have a child in Canada, he or she will automatically be both a Canadian and American citizen. This will allow that child to have access to health and other government services in Canada.  Also, it will make it possible for that child to integrate into American society if you ever decide that it is safe to move back. For an American to become a Canadian citizen, he or she needs to live in the country for at least six years and establish a positive and consistent employment history.

Here is OUR Prime Minister (Justin Trudeau)

slide03He wears a red tie and he hates terrorists too!  But any similarities to Trump end there!  The world loves our guy.  He is inclusive, well respected and represents liberal/democratic values.

In many ways, the election of Donald Trump does not symbolize the end of American greatness. Instead, it is just a bump in the road for a proud democracy that will eventually find its way again. However, if you have had enough, this is a great time for moving to Canada. A nation that will accept you with open arms and give you every reason to stay there for life.


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