How To Use Keystone Matrix Search (Video)


Tutorial on how to use the Keystone Matrix ® real estate search tool for home buyers (revised 2015)

Winnipeg Real Estate agents have a new tool to help people who are in the process of buying a home.  Keystone MATRIX ® is a search program which helps buyers FIND the house they want. It also keeps them informed on sales, price changes and eventually the SOLD price of a house or condo as well.

In this short, 7 minute tutorial, I will show you a few basics.  You learn how to get the most out of this excellent real estate search tool.  This is the new, revised version of Keystone Matrix®, new for 2015.

But remember, FINDING a house is the easy part. When it comes time to make an offer, being PREPARED and working with the right real estate agent is key. So if you are serious about buying a house or condo, please call me anytime and we’ll start with a short meeting to make sure that you are prepared.

REALTORS have access to an excellent new real estate search tool
Home buyers working with a REALTOR® can make use of the new Keystone Matrix system

This video is only one part of the help a home or condo buyer will receive.  It’s helpful to know all the real estate abbreviations that are being used.

Also, many professionals are available and involved in the home buying process, there to help the home buyer achieve his/her goal.

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  • Could you please have your tech people look at your ad for Henderson on the Red condos. I play Scrabble through Facebook, your ad comes up about three out of five times, and each time freezes my game. I can’t get out of it without restarting my tablet! Very frustrating and annoying!

    • Im sorry, but I dont have an ad on facebook, nor do I have anything to do with Henderson On The Red Condos? I have no idea who would be responsible for that ad.

  • What an informative post and video, will share on facebook, twitter and a couple home buying forums I’m a member of. Keep posting great content!

  • Nice tutorial! That was the best 5 minutes I’ve invested in a long time. Really gives me a deeper understand of this mortgage industry stuff.

  • I knew the real estates agents used a system like this, but I was not aware of that it was called the Keystone MATRIX and the overall befits it entails. Thanks for explaining!

  • I’ve never even heard of the Keystone Matrix. Guess this is a real estate industry professional tool.

  • Hey Bo nice video. Hey what’s the area code on your phone #? sorry I don’t live in Canada…well I think that’s a phone #,

  • Keystone MATRIX® sounds like it could be a very useful tool. Thank you for taking the time to further explain it’s use.

  • Thank you for the tutorial! It will definitely make this program easier to use when I begin house shopping!

  • I heard your name from one of my friend who is from Winnipeg. She told me that just contact Mr. Kauffmann and your problem for finding a decent house will be over. And he is totally right! I jut got my home by the help of Mr. Kauffmann. Thank you very much 🙂