How To Achieve a Clutter Free Home in 3 Days


Three Days to a Clutter Free Home

There is just something about a clutter-free home that feels right; something that makes you smile and wonder how you can utilise the extra space freed after a good cleaning session. If you wish to experience this feeling, you will do well to take on a 3-days mission of decluterring.

Home clutter is present in many forms – from clothes, tools and practically anything that is just lying around, while in reality it should be put to its rightful place, to possessions you have accumulated over the years that you no longer use but still keep around for one reason or another. It is a good idea to perform thorough home cleaning and decluterring every now and then. It has the power to completely change and refresh your interior. Here is how you can take on this challenge in just 3 days. Even though it may seem a little inconvenient, this method will allow you to do an extremely effective decluterring.

Day 1 – Preparation

In case you haven’t already, definitely devote time to prepare mentally for the task. It is not a small amount of work, but you have to do it. Additionally prepare some boxes and bags, as chances are that you will be tossing away some stuff or removing them from your home through other means. Once you are done with this prep work in the first day, it is time to proceed with the real deal of cleaning and decluterring. Go to each room and pile up everything in the center. While this may seem like a bother, it is in fact an effective way to see just how much stuff you have and what part of it you need to let go of. Opening a single drawer and taking few things out won’t cut it; you have to take your belongings out of their habitat so that you can see them in new light, so to speak.

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Day 2 – Select & Categorize

Once you have an idea of what you have, it is time to categorize it. There are few ways to go about this, but it is a good idea to stick to lesser categories. Here is a fine example of how you can proceed with categorising: things you use, things you don’t use, things you are not yet sure of. The first category should be items in the room that you use regularly. Arrange those back in wardrobes, drawers and anywhere else you store them. These are your most valuable possessions that you should most definitely keep. The second category is for items that you no longer use. These may include clothes that are out of fashion or don’t fit anymore and a variety of other stuff that you can do without. The third category of items is reserved for belongings that you cannot decide whether to keep or toss away.

Day 3 – Take Action

It is time to discard all of the items that you placed in category 2 the previous day. There are few ways to go about this: donation, selling, tossing away. Donating your items is a good cause, as long as they are accepted by a local charity. You might even get them to come at your door and collect the stuff you no longer need. If you want, you can sell the items you through an auction, or perhaps hold a garage sale. Tossing away should occur only when an item has lost its value, i.e. it’s broken or otherwise useless. Day 3 is the time when you should decide what to do with the items you couldn’t decide about earlier in day 2. Now that you have freed some space, you may come up with ideas, but never use this as excuse to hoard unnecessary junk. Home cleaning will do well when you have less stuff to worry about.

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Three Days to a Clutter-Free Home2

That concludes the 3-day process you should go through for a clutter-free home. Consider the benefits and start today!

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