Floating Beds Elevate Your Bedroom Design To The Next Level

Found this great article on homedit.com and wanted to share it.  Here is a summary

Floating Beds Elevate Your Bedroom Design To The Next Level

https://www.homedit.com/floating-beds-for-every-home-design-style/A new twist on a basic design idea, floating beds are an eye catching focal point. Most often associated with modern interior design, they can be a fresh addition to your home, no matter what your style. Instead of a large headboard, the artwork above this floating bed is the focal point.

While most beds consist of a mattress and a box spring set on a frame of some type, the platform bed uses a sturdier frame and eliminates the need for the box spring. The origin of the platform bed is hard to pinpoint. From the earliest days of man, people starting looking for ways to put distance between themselves and the cold, hard ground when they slept. The first known descriptions of platform bed construction were found in ancient Egypt, according to Wikipedia. Over time the concept evolved over time, until the modern box-spring was invented in the 1860s.

While a floating bed is indeed part of many minimalist and modern bedrooms designs, it can be the focal point of any interior design style. As with any piece of furniture, the material you choose for the platform and the headboard dictate the design style.  Natural or rustic-looking wood frames and headboards can make a floating bed fitting for a more traditional bedroom. If you have a more modern style bedroom, choose sleek, polished surfaces like lacquer or laminate. For a more feminine look, upholstered headboards and platforms can soften the design. Want a more masculine look? Incorporating leather in the platform or headboard can amp up the look of the bed.

More info via Winnipeg’s Real Estate Blog

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