How To Hire A Real Estate Agent For Buying A Home

How To Find Your Home Buyer Agent

Tips on hiring an agent to help you buy a house or condo

Buying a home is always a challenging task. The job is more challenging for first-time home buyers. A skilled and reliable real estate agent having a vast experience in buying property can prove to be extremely helpful for home buyers, when they are searching for properties to purchase. A real estate agent has access to the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) to assist you in your property search.

The agent can also handle the huge paperwork efficiently, which is needed for completion of the transaction. Hence, as a homebuyer, you should be extremely careful when choosing a realtor. This article offers some tips to select the right #realestate agent to purchase a home.

Ask for recommendations

Ask your friends, family and coworkers for a referral to a great agent. Your contacts can provide you an honest opinion about an agent. They can tell you about a number of aspects of an agent, such as his behaviour, communication skills, experience, skills etc.

How To Find Your Home Buyer AgentConduct a thorough research.

Most of the agents today own websites from where you can get to know a lot about their experience and background. You may also get rating sites having the complaints and comments of past clients. In case you are not able to get this information, consider asking the agent for client referrals. Talking to the past and current clients of an agent can be a great way of learning more about the agent and his standard of service.

Check your local Better Business Bureau

Some agents are listed with your local BBB.  Its a simple and informative thing to check the local BBB ratings and reviews for your prospective agent.

How To Find Your Home Buyer AgentCheck Google Reviews

These should be taken with a grain of salt.  Older reviews are sometimes made by anonymous submitters, even competing agents, so make sure that the reviews on google are legitimate.

Create a list of the agents

Make a list of REALTORS® you like and interview the top three agents in that list over the phone. Feel free to ask numerous questions like the strategy of the agent for finding a home for you, his level of knowledge about the areas or neighborhoods where you prefer to buy a home, and the qualities that he feels make him different from other agents. The way agents respond to these questions can give you a feel of each agent's personality and efficiency.

How To Find Your Home Buyer AgentIn-person interview

Based on their responses in the telephonic interview, choose one agent among the three to meet in-person. In meeting, the agent would probably be discussing your home needs, preferable price range, desired neighbourhood and important facts such as Closing Costs when buying a home in your market.   He may also provide a free estimation of the budget you need to have to buy the home that suits to your needs and tastes.

Bo Kauffmann Real Estate Agent Winnipeg

This meeting would give you an idea of how you would be feeling when working with the agent. If you feel confident when leaving the meeting that the agent would make the right choice, go ahead and start the process of looking for a home with the help of the agent.

After selecting the agent to work with, you need to sign the buyer agency agreement. The terms and conditions of every state vary when it comes to the buyer agency agreement. However, the contract usually states the responsibilities of both parties and the terms of their relationship. The contact may also outline the payment terms of the agent and the agreement's length.

A skilled REALTOR® can also help you to get good rates of mortgage. For example, if you buy a property in Winnipeg, your agent can help you to get in touch with the mortgage specialist who is best for your situation.


These tips can help you choose an efficient real estate agent who can help you to buy a good property at a price that comes in your budget. A REALTOR® can also suggest you good localities according to your requirements, where you can look for properties.

Although the original topic of this article was about helping Winnipeg home buyers find an agent, the above points hold true in ANY real estate market.

For example, following these points you can find Portsmouth's Leading Estate Agent.

How To Find Your Home Buyer AgentAbout the Publisher

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