Complete Kitchen Renovation: How To Add Value To Your Home

Complete Kitchen Renovation

Your kitchen is one such area which stocks a lot of ingredients, is most frequently used and creates waste on daily basis.  Hence, keeping an eye on the hygiene, cleanliness and the space designing of the place is paramount. Most people renovate their houses to make it look better. Well, did you know, you can enhance the beauty of your entire house, if you only renovate your complete kitchen. But it doesn’t mean that you should invest all your money to renovate the kitchen only. Keep a good balance between the kitchen renovation and other areas of the house.

Complete Kitchen Renovation Kitchen RenovationIf you are planning to renovate your entire house, then make sure that the kitchen isn’t too fancy. There should be enough space so that the one can enjoy cooking in the kitchen. A simple and clean design can help the chef do his/her job well. Even if you are not a quality chef, you would like to cook in a spacious kitchen, rather than one which is filled with clutter and does not integrate with your style of living. There are small factors that need more attention in order make your Kitchen and house look phenomenal. Want to know what are the things that could make your complete kitchen look amazing?

Smart Ideas for Your Kitchen Renovation

Complete Kitchen Renovation Kitchen RenovationOpt for Floating Shelves

No matter how big or small your kitchen is, the cabinets should be planned smartly. You must plan accordingly to have a spacious kitchen because the shelves or cabinet are the base of a smart kitchen. The proper planning of shelves can make or break the look of your complete kitchen. Hence, you must opt for floating shelves rather than the long stretches or roof to floor shelves or cabinets. These not only take up space, but also look less fashionable and trendy as compared to the floating shelves.

Tiles Plays a Major Role

Complete Kitchen Renovation Kitchen RenovationMost of the houses have the same boring and monotonous tiles used in the kitchen. Either we use simple white tiles or the black ones. If you really want to make your entire house look amazing, then do not forget to use the decorative tiles on the floor of the complete kitchen. Also, instead of using the same boring light colour, you can paint the complete kitchen with some vibrant colours which would help your kitchen look different. In short, per your personality, you can play with the colours, design and styles for your complete kitchen. For the latest kitchen renovation ideas, you can take help from various websites and by adding a little touch of your creativity you can make your complete kitchen look flawless.

Mix Your Creativity with Some Commercial Kitchen Ideas

Ladies, you all would agree to this point that there is something magical about the shiny kitchens of commercial chefs that make you wonder, how can I make my complete kitchen look like this? Of course, women spend most of the time in the kitchen and you would want the kitchen to reflect your own personality. However, some women still like the simple design and styles for their kitchen, so what if the simple and commercial look mixes up together and give an amazing blend to the kitchen. You can update your complete kitchen with some modern kitchen appliances that would not only give a modern look to your kitchen but also would save a lot of time for you.


So, keep these ideas in mind next time you plan to renovate your complete kitchen and play with colors and design to get the right blend of creativity that you can be proud of!

Here are some other valuable home renovation ideas for small homes!

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Good article about the kitchen renovation, you are very professional. Tiles really play a big major in kitchen improvement.

Marco Antonio

Kitchen renovation has always been exciting for me. The way you could make it spacious but without sacrificing the element of efficient storage. The challenge of getting everything kept hidden, so the kitchen would always look immaculately clean and inviting. Floating cabinets, bold colors, contrasting backsplashes, countertops and the storage ideas are just some of the things that would either make or break one’s kitchen.

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Oh my gosh a complete kitchen renovation is just my dream! I’ve always wanted to start a complete kitchen renovation in my own one. Looks like I’ll have some tips and ideas about this.

Maury Cheskes

Great article. I really like the idea of making bold, creative choices with your kitchen while still including commercial elements. Thanks for sharing!

David Mureithi

It’s actually feels good when your kitchen looks smart. It is the first thing that should look impressive.

Jane Wms

Kitchen renovation is a project in itself, but that’s where the fun and decorative ideas come to life! I agree 100% with staying trendy with the kitchen renovation process; as the kitchen is a meet up area for all, therefore, its the most visited place and scenic place in a home. I like the idea to change the way the long cabinets are normally placed in a kitchen to floating shelves, this gives me an idea for my kitchen cabinet renovation project.


We just recently renovated our kitchen early this year. We just move our kitchen to our patio to make our kitchen bigger. My mom wanted a bigger kitchen so there would be room enough for her baking.

Bernadette Jones

Great ideas presented! Would love to try them out on our kitchen to make it look presentable than it is before. Kudos!

Aissa Jo Quizon

We already have a kitchen that is useful, at least it allows us do what we can in preparing and cooking food. We’ve never really looked into how the kitchen would fit in quite nicely aesthetically with the rest of the house, but looking through this article gave me a lot of good ideas. Should we get the budget, I’m definitely be going to need those tips you have presented here.

David Tjoe

To be honest, I think it is rather difficult to get a kitchen that is as beautiful as the pictures above. Moreover, if you have limited space that is not too large. It’s like just dreaming … 🙂

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