Home Buyer Agent: 7 Reasons Why Home Buyers NEED One

As a real estate buyer agent, I receive many requests to “Send Me Some Listings”. Many of my competitors are putting out ads that say “Call me for the latest listings”, and it seems that the average house and condo buyer believes that this is all an agent does. In my humble opinion, FINDING the listings is just a small part: I believe that PREPARING an EDUCATING the buyers to compete in today’s market is far more important. This is also a reason why several buyers have recently come to me after working with other REALTORS® and seemingly getting nowhere.

Here is my list of “7 Reasons Why buyers should be working with their own Real Estate Buyer Agent”

  1. Save Time
  2. Save Money
  3. Super Convenient
  4. Be Represented
  5. Get Results
  6. Get Straight Answers
  7. Service if FREE

1)  Save Time

As your Residential Specialist, I can show ANY co-operative MLS® listing to you.  Whether it’s Re/Max®, Century 21®, Royal LePage® or any of the other brokerages.  So long as the listing is NOT an exclusive listing, buyers agents may show it. (In Winnipeg, ‘exclusive listings’ are as rare as tax reductions)

2)  Save Money

Often, I may be able to save my client money when it comes time to make the offer.  I may have valuable information regarding the listing of their choice, which can help buyers make an informed decision.  As my clients, you’ll know it as soon as I know it.

Buyer Agent - Why Every Home Buyer Needs One buyer agent

3)  Convenience

Every call a Listing Agent and wait for hours for a call-back?  And then make the appointment according to the agent’s schedule?  By working with their own Agent,  buyers enjoy direct access, quick callback and convenient showing scheduling.  My clients will text or call me, give me a list of 4-6 homes they want to see, and I will look after the rest.


Buyer Agent - Why Every Home Buyer Needs One buyer agent

Buying or Selling in Winnipeg?

Bo Kauffmann – REMAX

Award winning service for Winnipeg house and condo buyers and sellers since 2005. Bo Knows Real Estate

4)  I Represent My Buyer

Did you realize that the Listing Agent works for the Home-Seller.  Doesn’t it make sense to have your own Real Estate Buyer Agent working for you? As my client, you’ll always receive the best possible service.

Buyer Agent - Why Every Home Buyer Needs One buyer agent
See the Amp Story

5)  Get Results

There are ways to win these “Bidding Wars”, and yes, even ways to avoid them in the first place.  Let me show you how.

6)  Get the “Straight Goods”

You may not always like the answers, but you’re gonna get ‘em.  I don’t sugar-coat, but in the end, you’re the boss.  It’s a great way to avoid some of the 7 worst mistakes made by first time buyers.


7)  My service is included in the sale price of the house

That’s right.  No gimmicks.  In cases of co-operating listings, the Home-Seller has already set aside the amount for a Real Estate Buyer Agent, and a buyers agents fees are included in the sale price of the house.


If you are looking to buy a house in Winnipeg, or perhaps buy a condo in Winnipeg, please dont hesitate to

contact me by e-mail or call me on my cell at 204-333-2202.

I want to be YOUR Buyer Agent.

Thinking of buying a home in Winnipeg?  Check this 6-step process for advice. Video:


F.A.Q. about Real Estate Buyer Agents

Does the home or condo buyer have to pay for his/her own buyer agent?

In most cases, NO!  In most areas and on most MLS systems, the buyer agents’ fee is already included and set aside by the home seller.  Sellers WANT buyer agents to be involved, as it increases the activity on the home.

How can I find and select a good Buyer Agent?

Home buying specialists often attain extra education and training in the field of buyers representation.  They earn the A.B.R. accreditation  (Accredited Buyers Representative).  Google your local real estate agents and see their google reviews,  and any BBB reviews and see if they have the A.B.R. designation.


What’s the biggest advantage of having your own Home Buyer Agent?

Experienced agents will have been involved in many different situations, and will most likely know what to do in case issues arise.  Also, most agents will have an extensive network of professionals the buyer can access, including lawyers, home inspectors and renovators, mortgage pros and insurance experts.

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The Information You Provided in this article was very clear, Thanks for getting to know about this article. Please Check Out the open plots in sadasivpet

Thank you for sharing the information. Very useful information for a Real Estateagent.

The best real estate article I ever read. This article cleared all my doubts regarding real estate buying.

Great article BO. No one knows the local real estate market better than an agent! They are hitting the streets to check out the existing and new inventory, they have seen the neighborhoods, know which homes are likely to sell fast and those that may require some tender care to get under contract, they have a good understanding of the school districts, may know details about upcoming commercial construction in the area, and have a wealth of other information readily available to them.


I had never looked at it from this point of view. Most people get frustrated by home seller agents who will most likely have a lot of other prospective home buyers on their radars.

There is no harm in spending a little more than a prospective buyer will have budgeted for as it will eliminate the hassle associated with home buying. I also believe that by delegating that task to a professional who in this case, will have your best interests, is a good way to mitigate risk.

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