Folklorama is one of the biggest cultural events in Winnipeg


Folklorama: One of Winnipeg’s biggest events

Folklorama is one of the biggest cultural events in Winnipeg folklorama

Folkorama is a time in Winnipeg when people can embrace their cultures and show off all the things about it that they are proud of.  It is also a time when you can learn about other people’s cultures – taste the food, enjoy the music, watch and participate in the dances, and completely immerse yourself in a different world.  It started in 1970 as a week-long event but now it lasts for two weeks and each week has 20+ pavilions to explore.

This year Folklorama takes place from August 5– 18.

The way it works is that each pavilion focuses on a different culture.  The pavilions are spread throughout the city and take place on different evenings.  Each pavilion is managed by volunteers that help guests enjoy their evening.  There will be food and drink and entertainment that are central to the culture of the community that is hosting the pavilion.  You can visit as many pavilions as you would like but you might want to do some planning before it starts so that you do not get overwhelmed. Download the Folklorama Travel Guide so that you can start planning!

What can you expect at the Folklorama pavilions?

Each pavilion is different so use the Travel Guide to find out what kinds of activities are going to take place.  Some of the activities you can look forward to include:

  • Children’s activities
  • Outdoor dining (some with bar service)
  • Sit down dinners (you can make reservations)
  • Late night parties
  • Dance bands

What if you want to take in as much as possible?

With an event like Folklorama it can be like a trip around the world if you take in as many of the pavilions as possible but paying individually for each one can get pricey ($6 per pavilion with children under 12 free if accompanied by an adult).  That’s why the Family Pack Passport was created.  The Family Pack is $54 for 12 tickets so you can take in more entertainment.

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Make your experience extra special

If you want to have a special experience, consider one of the VIP Tours.  The VIP tours include luxury transportation, admission to three pavilions, an appetizer, main course, and dessert, and reserved seating.  There are several VIP tours to choose from including the Wheelchair Accessible Tours, Late Night Tours, and Party Tours, with Independent Travellers Tours and Cycle Tours new this year. They are only $69.95.

If you are from out of town and need accommodations as well, consider the Canad Inns Hotel Package, which includes a VIP Tour and one night stay at one of the Canad Inns locations and a continental breakfast.  At $148, this is a great deal.

Find out more about the VIP Tours here.

With dozens of pavilions, I’m sure you’ll find great fun at Winnipeg’s Folklorama event.  
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