Winnipeg REALTORS® are full-time Professionals


Winnipeg REALTORS®: Full-Time Professionals


Winnipeg REALTORS® are full-time Professionals
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I had received a call from someone who was looking for a house on his own. He was asking about one of my recently sold listings. After I gave him the ‘bad news’ (house is sold), I asked him whether he was working with any of Winnipeg REALTORS®, and he replied “Yes, I’m working with ALL of them”. I can only assume that means that he was unwilling to work with ONE REALTOR®, and is deciding to keep looking on his own. Before I had time to explain the 7 reasons for working with your own real estate agent, he hung up.

Then, I came across an interesting blog post at The Next Web, which explains that today’s society seems to be changing away from “professionals”  and move towards ‘multi-purpose’ jobs.  Less people become “professionals”,  and more are taking ‘jobs’.  The example they give is a plumber who is also his own marketer.  A dentist can have a side-line as a photographer.  Problem with this is that we are creating “Jacks of All-Trades, but Masters of None”.

And in many provinces and countries, REALTORS® is not immune to this trend.  That’s where you hear of real estate agents in California who sell 3 homes a year, and then supplement their income by being busboys or waiters 3 times a week.  (My first job was as a busboy, so please put your hate-mail on hold….. I have nothing against the job, we just need to make a point here..:-)

Winnipeg REALTORS®, I am very happy to say, are an exception to this rule.  The reason is that our association will NOT permit a real estate agent to have a second income.  Real Estate HAS TO BE our only profession.

How does this help the consumer?

For starters, it forces the real estate professional to either be good at what he does…….or get another job.  Since real estate provides the only means of income, it creates a ‘sink or swim’ situation.  For starters, as a member of Winnipeg REALTORS®, we have to attend Mandatory Continuing Education classes in order to keep up with ever changing laws, rules and market conditions.

So, to anyone looking to buy a house or condo, I would like to say this:  Work with one of Winnipeg REALTORS® in your search.  FINDING a home is actually the easy part, but putting forth an acceptable offer, negotiating the best terms and actually GETTING the property you want is best achieved by working with your own agent.  Please read my 7 reasons for working with your own real estate agent here, and after that, call me for a personal consultation.

By the way, did you know that Winnipeg REALTORS® is the longest continually operating Real Estate Board in Canada?  If I recall my training correctly, Victoria B.C. was actually formed a few years before Winnipeg, but then disbanded at the beginning of the 20th century  (yes, I’m talking over a hundred years ago)…  which makes Winnipeg the longest continually serving board.


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