Visit Winnipeg (Video Post)

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Top 5 activities for #children in downtown #Winnipeg

Top 5 activities for children in downtown Winnipeg . Think that the downtown isn’t the right place for your children to grow up? Think again! Downtown Winnipeg offers a wide variety of fun and safe options for children to play, learn, and have fun.


Activities for a Winter Day in downtown #Winnipeg

My Page on Google+ . . . .My Profile on Google+ Best Activities for a Winter Day in Downtown Winnipeg . Just because the weather is getting colder doesn’t mean that we need to spend all of our time indoors.


Top 10 Attractions in Winnipeg

Top 10 Attractions in Winnipeg . Winnipeg has much to offer for residents and tourists alike. Here are some of the main attractions from all over the city that are sure to delight people of all ages and backgrounds: 1) The Forks is the meeting point of the Red River and the Assiniboine River, and contains a series of buildings and outdoor spaces featuring a fresh food market, local shops, restaurants, event spaces, and more.

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