Activities For A Winter Day In Downtown Winnipeg

Best Activities for a Winter Day in Downtown Winnipeg


Activities for a Winter Day in downtown #Winnipeg
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Just because the weather is getting colder doesn't mean that we need to spend all of our time indoors. Getting outside and moving around in the fresh air is a great way to boost energy levels, stay in shape throughout the winter, spend time with friends and family, and learn to love winter in Winnipeg.

Skating is a must when you are living in downtown Winnipeg. Winnipeg boasts an extensive river skating trail that snakes along the Assiniboine and the Red River. With warming huts, a small rink for impromptu hockey games with the kids, and multiple access points, the river skating trail in downtown Winnipeg is enjoyed by everyone! Don't own your own skates? Not a problem: you can rent them at the Forks for just $5. If the skate itself doesn't warm you up, there is plenty of hot chocolate to be had at the Forks at the end of your skating adventure (or perhaps as a treat midway through).

There's nothing quite like walking through downtown Winnipeg on a wintery day. The snow might be deep, but the buildings in downtown Winnipeg are gorgeous to admire when they are frosted in snow and ice, and the roads are considerably quieter on the weekends. Bundle up in good quality boots, fleecy pants, a warm jacket and some ear warmers – when you dress right, wandering through the winter wonderland of downtown Winnipeg is that much better. (Psst… going out for a walk in downtown Winnipeg is also an excellent way to scout out some of the condo buildings in the area if you are looking for a place to buy!).

If you want to try something really different for a wintertime activity, connect with the Alpine Club in St. Boniface and try your hand at ice climbing. The ice tower near Fort Gibraltar is open for experienced and beginner ice climbers alike. It is a wonderful opportunity to completely embrace the cold weather right here in downtown Winnipeg.

And finally, you can't beat classic outdoor wintery activities like building snowmen and having snowball fights. Walk to the nearest park (there seems to be a park every few blocks when you are walking around downtown Winnipeg!) and take full advantage of all the lovely fresh-fallen snow. Who says winter activities are just for kids? #WinterFun

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Sagan Morrow owns an open-concept condo in Winnipeg's Exchange District and loves downtown living. She writes the blog Living Healthy in the Real World, is the Executive Director of the Food Label Movement, and is the Development Coordinator for Food Matters Manitoba. Sagan is a freelance writer and editor as well as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, and can be found at She enjoys taking in the theatre and culture of downtown Winnipeg during her spare time.

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