Solving Tree Roots Issues With Help Of A Plumber


Even though older trees can add a lot of beauty to the environmentโ€™s landscape, the roots of these trees can cause a lot of damage to the pipes that run below the trees. People can find tree roots in drains because these roots look for moisture. The drain pipes contain a number of essential elements like oxygen, nutrients, water that makes a tree very comfortable. Apart from backups and sewer blockages caused, these roots prove to be one of the most expensive factors that need maintenance. The issue of roots growing from trees in private and commercial space is probably the most frequently occurring cause that results in the sewer blockages and many more issues related to drains.

Tree Roots

Every homeowner is saddled with the responsibility of maintaining his/her sewer system. Since these systems usually run underground, homeowners do not know what exactly is going wrong. Hence, they realize that there is a problem much later after the problem has occurred. When warm water flows inside sewer pipes, water vapour escapes to the soil that is in the vicinity of the pipe. This vapour attracts the roots and the point of vapour formation is usually the source of the formation of crack.

Solving Tree Roots Issues With Help Of A Plumber tree rootsOnce the tree roots in drains reach the joint, the roots continue to grow causing major blockages in the entire system. If these roots become massive, they will like a net and block out all waste items discharged from the house. If a drain is flowing slowly, then it is a clear sign that something is wrong with the drain. It is usual to notice that the first sign of slow drainage system is the gurgling noises that one can hear from the toilet bowls. The slow flowing can turn into a complete blockage if no actions are taken. In addition, these roots can result in the complete breakdown of the pipe and overall drainage system might need replacement.

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How to Avoid Tree Roots in Drains?

Homeowners should know the exact location of the sewers and the drains. They must avoid planting certain kind of trees close to sewer pipes. Experts recommend plant the trees at a distance of 10 feet away from the lines in order to reduce instances of root intrusion. Moreover, the homeowners must plant small trees that have less aggressive roots. If there are trees that are already there, replace them as early as possible.

What Should Homeowners Do If Tree Roots Are Fully Grown Inside the Sewers?

Once the roots reach the core portion of the sewage system, it is best to call a professional plumber or an agency that provides plumbers. They are well-trained and ensure that the problem is diagnosed properly and fixed well ahead of time. They suggest schedules on how to schedule preventive maintenance and how to maintain the health of the sewage. Plumbers of the plumbing agency properly emphasize on the importance of tree roots in drains and they use roots saws and high-pressure flushers to remove the roots. In addition, a plumber knows about certain structural faults that can seep into the sewage system. Based on the entire technicality identified with these faults, it is best to bring a plumber by contacting a plumbing agency aboard as soon as possible.

The other methods of removal of tree roots in drains are using chemicals to kill the base of the root system and digging up the invasive tree roots in drains. Plumbers are the best suited to carry out these removal methods because they know which area needs to be dug up. Hence, it is always wise to hire a plumbing agency to tackle such problems.

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