4 Tips For Home Improvement Upgrades That Add Value

4 Tips For Home Improvement Upgrades That Add Value

Home Improvements That Add Value

When it comes to improving the value of your home, you are probably looking for the best ways to spruce it up. Whether you want to spiff up the house for your own enjoyment or you are preparing to sell, you'll need budget-friendly but effective home improvement upgrades. Here are ideas to help you improve the value of your property. Remember, the actual cost and payoff for each might vary depending on the condition of your home and overall market values in your region.

Remodel your kitchen

The kitchen is arguably the most expensive area of the house, and where families share most of their time at home. As the heart of our homes, a reasonably clean and updated kitchen is an excellent investment. In fact, kitchen upgrades return more than 100 percent of their cost. Potential home buyers will often make a beeline for the kitchen when viewing a home for the first time.

You can install new cabinet door handles, replace the kitchen faucet set, and update the old lighting with brighter and more energy-efficient fixtures, all for a few hundred dollars. If your budget allows, give the cabinets a makeover. Since an entirely new cabinet system might be expensive, consider hiring a re-facing company. Such companies can remove the doors and drawers, refinish the boxes, and then install brand-new doors and drawers. Your cabinets will look new with a fresh coat of paint applied over the whole set.

Create an additional room

In today's customer-driven market, adding a room or two could be a good investment, and a worthwhile home improvement project.. Also, having additional space is bound to make your house more livable. Since more and more people are looking for dedicated areas for their hobbies and crafts, inventing a room is probably better than adding one. Whether it's a sunroom, exercise room, attic bedroom, knitting room, or home office, extra room adds value to homes. If your three-bedroom house has a den, you can make it a four-bedroom house by adding a closet to the den, and this will consequently add to the value of your property. You might be able to add and drywall a custom closet for less than $1,500.

Upgrade and maintain home appliances and systems

Buyers usually have a limit on how much they can spend for a house. As such, they are more likely to buy a house if they know they won't have to spend on basic maintenance issues. Although the significance of maintenance issues might vary with geographical location, major home systems and appliances are often considered the most important. For many buyers, properly maintained home systems and appliances are a bigger issue than updated bathrooms.

It is normal for home systems and appliances to break down due to wear and tear, hence the importance of replacing the necessary components or units. The maintenance costs can be considerably steep, especially for average households. But since your home warranty covers the replacement or repair of such components and appliances, you should make this home improvement a priority.

Consider curb appeal as home improvement

In today's housing market, people are less likely to walk into a home that does not impress from the outside. What your potential buyers see the first time they drive by your house is tremendously important. If you concentrate all your remodelling on the inside and neglect the outside, you probably won't get the chance to show your house. You should, therefore, create interest to the exterior and convey a sense of welcome.  Curb appeal is a very important home improvement factor.

Although it may sound obvious, a swept walkway, a nicely mowed lawn, and a few well-placed shrubs can make a great first impression. Give the front yard a good cleanup, plant a few evergreen shrubs and install some new sod. Consider hiring a landscaper, especially if you do not have a green thumb. These kinds of upgrades can instantly change the buyer's perception of your property and increase its value.

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