Top 5 Things Home Buyers Look For When Buying A House

Which top 5 features do YOU want in your next house?

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What are the top features home buyers look for?  What do YOU want in your first or next house?  This is a self-adjusting, updating list of things home-buyers want in their next house.  Some buyers focus on a nice kitchen, updated bathrooms, modern windows and furnaces, while others are more focused on the location, style or bedroom sizes.  What do YOU need in your next home?  You can help shape the results of this article by voting for your favorite 3 or 4 “must-have” items.

How this list works

Please select the 5 most important things YOU would look for when buying a house.  Only 5!  

Here are 11 of the most common options and features.  Please select your favorite 5.  Over time, as other people add their top 5 choices, the list will adjust and the most-wanted items will rise to the top.

Want to add your own feature?

Sure thing:  Just click the “Add Item”  and fill in the spots….  I will moderate, and once added to the list, other people can vote on your addition.  Let’s have some fun.


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Alex Russell

As for me, if you are interested in buying a house you should check out some things which are very important like: 1. Location of the house 2. Cost of the house 3. House Infrastructure You have to check all the items that are really useful for each person and if you want to buy a house without any hassle then please try to contact the real estate agent that will send you all the information you needed. If you are in Canada, I would suggest Paradise Developments for more ideas on housing costs and great locations.

Kitchens and bathrooms are always key selling features!

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