TelPay Building In Downtown Winnipeg: Featured Historical Building

TelPay Building in downtown Winnipeg: Featured Historical Building

TelPay Building: Featured Historical Building in Downtown Winnipeg
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Characterized by its dazzling dusty rose sandstone facade, the TelPay building at 298 Garry Street has an attractive gleam to it and is arguably one of the best-preserved historical buildings in Winnipeg both indoors and out, while still being in use for everyday business transactions.

From the street view, the TelPay building is a lovely sight to behold. Its vivid colour contrasted with the handsome balcony, striking rounded corner, and fine architectural details lift the viewer's eyes upward. And the aesthetic appeal of the building just keeps getting better as you move indoors.

Walking in through the entranceway itself gives you a taste of what you will see in the rest of the building, with a lovely domed ceiling being one of the first details that might catch your eye. It portrays the classic rusty pinks and clean whites with minute ornamental carvings that are used to decorate the entire building.

Featuring marble walls and pillars, high ceilings, artistic wreath details, and a mosaic patterned floor, the inside of the TelPay building is something to marvel at. The banking hall is an impressive room with an air of reassurance and plenty of stunning marble.

There is a wonderful feeling of grandeur as you walk throughout the building, admiring the frosted glass, rich mahogany woodwork, and pristine white Corinthian columns. The frosted glass in the office walls in particular is a clever feature to bring even more natural light in through the many big windows, while still maintaining the privacy of personal office space.

Even the staircase maintains a certain majesty, with an intricately carved bannister and dark, dignified panelling. The original vault is still in place for visitors to take a peek at and is a draw for many touring the building.

Both the concrete vault and the cage elevator from this 1909-building are still in use today. The three-story building was originally erected for offices of the Canada Permanent Trust Company, and much of the architectural design and details (both in terms of aesthetic appeal and fireproof construction) were included in the building of it to ensure a public image of a secure, trusting organization. The structure depicts this beautifully.

Be sure to visit the TelPay building during the next Doors Open Winnipeg event – you will be able to get a tour of the building and learn more about the history and see the architectural work for yourself!

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TelPay Building in downtown Winnipeg: Featured Historical Building TelPay BuildingAbout the Publisher

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