5 Awesome Tips To Help Improve Your Home Exterior

5 Awesome Tips to Help Improve Your Home Exterior

How to Brighten Your Home Exterior

While it is a sign of wisdom not to judge a book by its cover, we cannot help but be severely influenced by first impressions. This is particularly important when it comes to your home exterior, as you surely don't want all the beauty and appeal to stay locked on the inside. If you feel like your home's exterior has become too dull and boring, perhaps it's time to freshen it up a bit and upgrade it so that people notice it from afar.

Redo front doors

5 Awesome Tips to Help Improve Your Home Exterior home exteriorThe easiest way to add an immediate appeal to façade of your home is to simply freshen up your front door. A simple coat of paint over the existing one will do the trick if you don't want to get a new door. See what colour would match the porch as well as the windows, or pick something bright and unexpected and make your door noticeable. Sometimes painting the door isn't enough, and you should replace some of that old hardware if you want to make it look nice and neat. Simple items such as new doorknobs, door lights, and handrails are the finishing touch you need.

Nice garage door

5 Awesome Tips to Help Improve Your Home Exterior home exteriorGarage-door is often overlooked because people believe that there isn't a way to improve them or add character to them. Even if they are in great shape they can be one-dimensional, plain, and boring. Luckily, there are ways to change that, and one of the easiest, yet most creative ways to do so is by creating the illusion of a carriage door using nothing but paint and hardware. You will be able to get clean and crisp paint lines by using frog tape, some paint, and decorative garage door hardware.  Also remember that upgrading your garage door will help sell it.

Fresh-looking windows

5 Awesome Tips to Help Improve Your Home Exterior home exteriorWindows are the eyes of the house – they allow you to see outside, but they also give a lot of character to your home's exterior. By adding window shutters, you will boost up your house's appeal and draw attention to the windows altogether. With new shutters the walls will stand out as well, and people will start noticing less-prominent details such as curtains, and give out the nice feeling of coziness. If you can afford it, you should opt for high-quality woodwork, but if not, there are plenty of affordable solutions that will do the trick, and you only need to pick the type that will suit your house the best.

Old-new deck

5 Awesome Tips to Help Improve Your Home Exterior home exteriorIt's easy to understand why you put off the much-needed deck refreshing – you believe it's going to take too much time, money, and effort on your part and you simply decide to put up with your boring, old deck instead. It is, however, possible to freshen-up your deck over the course of a single weekend! Start on Friday night by removing everything from the deck including furniture and all other items, and spend Saturday morning pressure-washing the surface to remove dirt. You should use warm, soapy water for this, and a scrub brush which will help you remove mould and mildew. On Sunday morning stain with paint roller and let it dry – you will be able to walk on your deck by nightfall, and simply put the furniture back on Monday night.

Garden to be proud of

5 Awesome Tips to Help Improve Your Home Exterior home exteriorNo matter how fresh your paint is and how nice your front and garage doors are, an unkempt garden will make your house look bad. You need to mow your lawn regularly because if you let the grass grow it will make your entire yard look messy and wild. If you don't have a lot of time on your hands for gardening, plant some of the low-maintenance plants like herbs, succulents, and fern which you can water with convenient retractable hose reels. If you have trees in your garden, use rakes to gather up any leaves and twigs that fall off, and put up a charming birdhouse on one of the lower branches.  You can also design your garden with small cobblestones for an interesting and inviting look.

People hesitate to begin upgrading their home exterior because many believe that it's an expensive and extensive remodelling project. The best thing is that it doesn't have to be that way, and there are many small projects that can help you turn your home into the best-looking house in the neighbourhood over the course of a single weekend.


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