Easy Home Improvements To Increase Curb Appeal

Selling your home is all about making it look attractive to a potential buyer. What’s the first thing the buyer sees before they even walk into your home? Your landscaping and exterior. Working on these areas of your home is just as important as improving the interior if you want someone to be enticed enough to buy it. To get the most out of your dollar, you can even do a lot of these improvements yourself. Here are a few easy home improvements to increase curb appeal for your home.

Simple Landscaping

Even the smallest changes can have a substantial impact on the way people see your house from the outside. Landscaping doesn’t have to be big, sweeping changes; there are a lot of easier tasks you can do to make the exterior look nice, such as:

  • Keep your hedges trimmed
  • Take good care of, and regularly mow, your lawn
  • Plant some flowers near other greenery
  • Maintain pathways and keep them clear of debris

Siding Upgrade

Upgrading your home’s siding isn’t as difficult as you might think. Whether it’s tearing out vinyl siding or replacing wooden siding, you don’t need to hire a professional to do it. Siding is the façade of your home, one of the only things that separates it from just a stack of bricks. Make sure there aren’t any obvious missing panels and that there’s no damage anywhere that you can see before you start showing the house off.

Painting the Front Door

One of the easiest home improvements to help increase curb appeal is to really make your front door pop. The front door is the first thing that a potential buyer will interact with. It’s also where their eye will be drawn as they examine the house’s exterior. Painting the front door a contrasting color to the rest of the house can really make a bold statement by appearing more inviting.

Staining the Garage Door

Because they move so often, garage doors can take quite a beating. Unfortunately, if yours has taken a beating, it’s also a large part of your home’s exterior. Just because it leads to the garage doesn’t mean it can’t add to the home’s look. Get a nice new stain on your garage door, similar to your front door, to help draw attention to it.

Outdoor Furniture

A very simple trick to making your home look more comfortable and inviting is to have exterior furniture taking up the right spaces. If you have a porch, some extra furniture for sitting and relaxing can help a potential buyer imagine themselves living there and using that furniture themselves. There’s a delicate balance however; you don’t want to go overboard with too much furniture, either.

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I like the idea of repainting the front door. You may also want to consider changing the front door if yours is old and outdated. Steel doors are a popular choice for homeowners who want sturdy, long-lasting doors that look great and improve the home’s energy efficiency.

Also, consider using accent lighting to increase curb appeal!!
There may be no better example of accent lighting than uplighting around a home’s exterior. Uplighting is a decorative lamp positioned on the ground near the foundation of your home. The light is positioned to cast a narrow beam that goes upward along the side of your home, creating a long, beautiful beam of light that highlights a particular feature or creates an eye-catching pattern.

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