Royalwood – Winnipeg Neighbourhood – You Need To Know


If your dream is to live in a neighbourhood where you have lots of greenery, open space and an incredible ecosystem, then the right place to choose would be Royalwood in Winnipeg neighbourhood. Winnipeg is ideal if you are looking to settle down in a quiet and private place, infused with modernity. This is also probably one of the reasons why you will find plenty of immigrants coming from all over the globe. Winnipeg is touted to be the third fastest growing economy in Canada.

Being a great Prairies neighbourhood and the largest city in Manitoba, Winnipeg is obviously choice for families looking to settle down in a comfortable and safe place. The neighbourhood features lovely parks, services and amenities. As it is located right in the middle of Winnipeg’s prestigious community, you can enjoy a carefree convenience that most people cannot enjoy in today’s hectic pace.

Convenient in terms of transportation

Royalwood is located right near the banks of the stunning Seine River, right off the Bishop Grandin Boulevard. Hence it offers the best in terms of transportation, and easy access to St. Vital Center. And from there you can avail Winnipeg Transit Route 96, a public bus system that operates 84 fixed routes. About 90% of the people in the neighbourhood use their own vehicles. The busiest roads in the neighbourhood are Bishop Grandin Boulevard and Perimeter Highway.

Schools in Royalwood

There aren’t any schools in Royalwood, but you can definitely send your children to one of these – Niakwa Place School, Shamrock School, Island Lakes Community School, Emile School, Lavallee School. A spot was once earmarked to build a school – on Shorehill Drive, but it was later converted to condominiums.

Homes for sale

The homes for sale in this upscale area are a major highlight in the neighbourhood. Chances are very high that you will find the home of your dreams in Royalwood. There are plenty of new homes for sale – townhouses, condominiums, single family homes, multifamily duplex where you get a 3-bedroom single family home for $499,900 or a 5-bedroom home for $534,900. About 97% of the people in the neighbourhood own homes.

Demographics and Statistics

There are plenty of French, English and Chinese people in the neighbourhood. However, you can also spot a lot of other immigrants as well. The average household income is $139,319. Majority of your neighbours would be families and couples while you can see a small percentage of singles too. 

Fun and Activities in Royalwood

Hiking enthusiasts would enjoy visiting Seine River Greenway for an exciting hiking experience.

There are plenty of parks too in the general area, like Happyland Park, Riel Park, Royalwood Park and Island Shore Park.

The verdict: If you are thinking of moving to Canada, then consider Royalwood. It is a place that welcomes people with open hands and being an ideal neighbourhood and a culturally diverse-hub, you will definitely be happy here.

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