Royalwood - Winnipeg Neighbourhood - You Need To Know

Royalwood – Winnipeg Neighbourhood – You Need To Know

Royalwood, a neighborhood in Winnipeg, Manitoba, is a testament to the city's growth and development. This 485-acre community is a product of meticulous planning and execution by Ladco Company Limited, a pioneer in land development in Winnipeg. The development of Royalwood was carried out in two phases, with the first phase commencing in 1992. This initial phase saw the construction of 180 acres of the community.

A decade later, in 2002, Phase II was initiated, adding another 305 acres to the Royalwood community. This phase was particularly notable for its innovative approach to stormwater management. Ladco incorporated the city's first naturalized retention ponds in Royalwood Phase II in 2003. These ponds, designed to mimic natural wetlands, have since become the preferred standard for stormwater management in Winnipeg.

The Royalwood subdivision is a residential area and a haven for nature lovers. It is adjacent to the Seine River and Bois-des-Esprits Park, which features 117 acres of undisturbed old-growth urban forest and a 2 km trail. Remarkably, the development of Royalwood included preserving nearly 90 acres, or 98.6%, of this forested area.

The community is strategically located between Bishop Grandin, Lagimodière, the Seine River, and the Perimeter Highway, offering residents easy access to various amenities. Despite its central location, Royalwood maintains the tranquility of a secluded suburban community, making it an attractive choice for families and individuals seeking a balance between urban convenience and natural beauty. As of today, Royalwood continues to thrive as a vibrant and diverse community.

Its residents enjoy the comfort of modern homes, the serenity of natural surroundings, and the convenience of being just minutes away from shopping centers, schools, and other amenities.

Demographics of Royalwood

Royalwood, a neighborhood in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, is home to a diverse population with unique demographic characteristics. As of the latest data from January 1st, 2023, the population of Royalwood stands at 6,204 residents. The neighborhood boasts a higher population density than Winnipeg as a whole, with a density that is 29% higher.

The median age in Royalwood is slightly higher than the city's average, standing at 40.6 years, compared to Winnipeg's 38.1 years. This suggests a mature resident base, further supported by the fact that 85% of the population consists of married couples, a figure significantly higher than Winnipeg's 68%. Furthermore, 55% of families in Royalwood have children living at home, surpassing the city's average of 44%.

When it comes to income and employment, Royalwood outperforms both Winnipeg and Manitoba. The median household income in Royalwood is $157,466, almost double the figures for Winnipeg ($80,928) and Manitoba ($81,281). The unemployment rate in Royalwood is also lower than the city and province averages, standing at 3.9% compared to Winnipeg's 5.6% and Manitoba's 4.6%.

Bo Kauffmann Real Estate Agent Winnipeg

The income distribution in Royalwood shows a prosperous community. Only 1.5% of people earn $20,000 or less, while 9.1% earn between $80,000 and $100,000. Impressively, 10.9% of people in Royalwood earn $300,000 or more. In terms of ethnicity, the neighborhood is quite diverse.

The population includes 9.08% Chinese, 8.40% South Asian, and 3.84% Southeast Asian residents. In conclusion, Royalwood is a thriving, diverse, and prosperous neighborhood in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with a mature resident base, high median household income, and low unemployment rate.

Commuting and Transportation in Royalwood

Located in southeast Winnipeg, Royalwood neighbourhood is easily accessible via several major roadways, including Bishop Grandin Boulevard, which connects to the Trans-Canada Highway. Residents commuting to other areas of Winnipeg can take advantage of the neighbourhood's proximity to these main routes for a convenient and efficient daily commute.

Public transportation is also readily available in Royalwood, serviced by Winnipeg Transit buses that offer frequent routes to downtown and other parts of the city. The neighbourhood's location near the south Perimeter Highway allows for easy access to Winnipeg's airport and other destinations beyond the city.

Driving Distances from Royalwood to Major Destinations

Destination Distance (km) Driving Time
Downtown Winnipeg 16 km 20 minutes
University of Manitoba 12 km 15 minutes
Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport 25 km 25 minutes
Assiniboine Park 17 km 20 minutes

Residents can also take advantage of the neighbourhood's bike and walking paths, providing safe and enjoyable routes for active transportation and recreation. Royalwood's commitment to sustainable transportation options and accessibility for all makes it a desirable choice for those prioritizing ease of access.

Real Estate in Royalwood: A Closer Look

If you are looking for a peaceful and serene neighbourhood to call home, Royalwood may be just what you've been searching for. The community offers a range of housing options, from single-family homes to modern townhouses, making it an ideal location for families, retirees, and young professionals alike.

Property Type Average Price Number of Bedrooms Number of Bathrooms
Single-Family Home $600,000 3-4 2-3
Townhouse $350,000 2-3 1-2

As demonstrated in the table above, the average price for a single-family home in Royalwood is around $600,000, while townhouses range from $350,000. However, with the variety of housing options available, there is something to fit any budget.

The real estate market in Royalwood is stable, with a healthy inventory of homes for sale. This provides buyers with plenty of options to choose from, ensuring they find a home that meets all of their needs.

One of the advantages of living in Royalwood is the proximity to beautiful parks and recreational areas, contributing to the serene atmosphere of the neighbourhood. Many homes in the area boast stunning views of the parks and green spaces.

Overall, Royalwood offers residents the opportunity to live in a peaceful community with a range of housing options available at various price points. If you're interested in exploring this charming neighbourhood further, take a look at the available Royalwood homes for sale.

Real Estate Agent For Royalwood

If you're looking to buy or sell, a house or condominium in Royalwood, contact Bo Kauffmann of REMAX Performance Realty.  Bo has over 18 yrs experience as a residential agent, and has sold over 600 houses and condos in Winnipeg.

Fun and Activities in Royalwood

Hiking enthusiasts would enjoy visiting Seine River Greenway for an exciting hiking experience.

There are plenty of parks too in the general area, like Happyland Park, Riel Park, Royalwood Park and Island Shore Park.

The verdict: If you are thinking of moving to Canada, then consider Royalwood. It is a place that welcomes people with open hands and being an ideal neighbourhood and a culturally diverse-hub, you will definitely be happy here.

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