DIY Tips To Winterize Your Home

DIY Tips To Winterize Your Home

DIY Tips To Winterize Your HomeWinter is a season that brings peace and joy—until the hard, heavy weather lingers on and on. Steady snowstorms, nipping temperatures, slippery ice, and strong winds can take quite the toll on us—and on our beloved homes. However, these conditions don't need to make a huge dent in one's wallet. A plethora of tips is available to help you make sure your home is ready for the intense repercussions of the season. Without further ado, here are a few DIY tips to winterize your home.

Keep Your Inside Space Cozy, Safe, and Energy Efficient

When the weather is most brutal outside, it's critical to keep the conditions inside as warm and safe as possible. In a drafty room, heat can easily escape through windows or under the doors. Drafts and air leaks will increase your heating bills, so seal any cracks with caulk, and seal any openings you see along windows, doors, or mail chutes with weather stripping. You may also consider purchasing some rubber or fabric draft guards to put under doors. If your home doesn't have double-paned windows, you can purchase plastic film sheet kits at a local hardware store. Otherwise, go the old-fashioned way and hang up insulated curtains to keep cold drafts at bay.

Create a Home Emergency Kit

One of the best DIY tips to winterize your home is to ensure you have a stash of resources on hand in case of winter weather hazards or emergencies. Preparation is the key to being ready for whatever Mother Nature decides to throw your way. If you happen to get snowed in at home, a ready supply of blankets, flashlights, toiletries, nonperishable food, and water as well as a stocked first-aid kit could be fundamental for survival. Don't forget basic tools and accessible supplies for worst-case-scenario situations.

Maintain Your Yard, Deck, and Outdoor Space

Winterizing the exterior of your home is just as important as preparing the inside. Clear your yard of debris or clutter, and take the proper time and necessary care to examine any investments or objects you want to protect from the natural elements. Place your outdoor furniture in a storage spot free from moisture. Ensure that all the exterior lights in the front, back, and side of the house function well, or replace them with LED lights for the best efficiency.

Be sure to trim any tree branches away from your roof. Heavy snow, ice, or strong winds can cause damage by felling weakened tree branches. You should also be aware of how to protect your deck this winter in order to keep the wood beautiful and functional. You may enjoy dashing through the snow now, but only proper maintenance will protect your beloved outdoor space for the warmer seasons to come.

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