Selecting The Right Dining Room Table For Your Home

Selecting the right dining room table

If you are tired of your old furniture, now is the perfect time to upgrade it with a new one! Eating space in the house creates a huge impact because this is where you dine in, eat, interact and have conversations. So, you have to make sure that the dining room table that you are going to buy suffices all of the needs. You can either go for round glass table top or rectangle glass table top for your dining tables, both are perfect.

Now, buying a dining table which suits your space best may sound like a difficult job, but by keeping a few things in mind you can make an excellent choice. Make sure that the table you choose for your house should complement your space, and does not make your place look crowded or cluttered with furniture.

dining room table

Selecting the right dining room table is important

A few things to be focused while buying a perfect dining room table

The markets can be overwhelming sometimes, with respect to the products you find there. You become torn between the choices. You might be thinking “should I go for a dining table with round glass tabletop or should I buy a table shaped with rectangle glass for table top?” all of these options make it difficult for you to choose the right product, which suits your home the best. By keeping the following things in mind, you may succeed to shop for the best dining table!

Measure the area accurately

It is necessary that you measure the area precisely, where you want to set the dining table and leave at least three feet of clearance space while setting your dining table. It is advised that there should be some room for you and your guest to pull the chairs behind to get up. So, make sure to leave three feet of space behind the chairs.

Prefer round dining tables for small spaces

Selecting the right dining room table dining room table

If you live in a small apartment, or in a small house, you should consider buying a round table. A round table does not have any corners and it accommodates your small space well. So, it is a wise choice! If you are short on space always choose a table with a round glass table top or wooden, whichever you prefer!

Choose a table with a glass tabletop

Selecting the right dining room table dining room table

If you live in a small apartment or house, where there is not enough natural light, you should definitely go for a glass tabletop. Because glass reflects the light and creates an illusion of greater space as well as more brightness. It is up to you, whether you choose a round glass table top or a rectangle glass table top, as per your requirement.

If you are confused where to buy the best quality glass table top then must visit Fab Glass and Mirror, as they offer high quality of their products.

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Good quality material

Always go for the table which is constructed with good quality material and is highly durable. You can't change the dining tables frequently, so must check its material and construction details.

Serves multiple functions

There are some dining tables, which are foldable or serve other functions, too. Like, these foldable tables are used for dinners, coffee or as couch tables also. Such unique tables are the best option if you have less space.

Design that matches your entire theme

Selecting the right dining room table dining room table

While purchasing a dining table, keep in mind your theme. Select the color, design and style right according to your theme of the house. It will look classier and part of a house!

Comfort should be priority

Selecting the right dining room table dining room table

One more important thing is whether the dining table you are going to choose is comfortable or not. Do not buy a table which isn't comfortable because you'll get fed up with it and then you have to spend again in order to buy a new dining table.

How size and shape of the dining table affect the space accommodation?

How would you make sure that a certain dining table is perfect for you? It is important that you buy a dining table which is perfect for you. To ensure that, you need to do thorough research on different sizes and shapes of dining tables. And, for what spaces they are well suited. Here are some shapes of tables and for what spaces they are best suited;

Rectangular dining table for maximum members

Selecting the right dining room table dining room table

If you have a large house, and you aim to seat a maximum number of people on the dining table. A rectangular dining table is the best option for you. You can seat more than six people on a rectangular dining table. And, it will also give you the liberty to add more seats, if needed.

Square shaped dining tables

If you are choosing a dining table for a square-shaped room, a square dining table would be the perfect choice for you. These square-shaped dining tables are more intimate for closed spaces. If you need to dine two or three people at a time, these square-shaped dining tables would suffice your needs. Another benefit of these square tables is, if you need to seat more guests, then you can add another square table with it to make it a rectangular dining table.

Round shaped dining table for small spaces

Selecting the right dining room table dining room table

Round dining tables are also a wise choice for smaller and closed spaces. The round table does not have corners like square-shaped and rectangular-shaped dining tables, due to which they can be used in smaller spaces. But these tables are not best suited for you if you have a large room and you host large gatherings.

Oval shaped with sitting of 4

An oval-shaped dining table is a good option for you if you make to seat more than four people. But these tables cannot be used in narrow rooms and closed spaces.

Round dining tables vs rectangular dining tables

A dining table is the leading producer of a dining room. It shapes the room and completes it. Here are some differences among round and rectangular dining tables;

Rectangular dining tables

Selecting the right dining room table dining room table

  • Rectangular dining tables accommodate more people at a time. And, allow more dishes on the dining table.
  • The shape compliments almost every room in the house and looks good.
  • These tables can be set anywhere as they are very flexible regarding the shape of the house.
  • One demerit is that they acquire much space, so they don't look good in closed spaces and narrow rooms.
  • Because of their sharp, rectangular corners, they pose a threat to young children and toddlers.

Round dining tables

  • Round tables are best for smaller spaces.
  • While dine-in they add more intimacy and connection among the individuals.
  • And because they are round, no one feels superior because everyone seats in an equal position.
  • They are safe for families, who have young children and toddlers.
  • They make it more accessible to hand the dishes from one person to another.

Summing up!

Due to the vast array of choices in the market, sometimes it becomes difficult to choose a dining table which would be perfect for your house. But, by following the above simple rules and tips, you can make a good choice. Round tables with round glass table tops are a wise choice if you are short on space. But if you have a large room then a dining table with a rectangular glass table top would be the best option for you!

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