New Roof Or Roof Repair? What Are The Home Owners Best Options

New Roof or Roof Repair? What are the home owners options?

There's a possibility that your roof is dripping or you may even have noticed a crack weaving its way on the surface. Chances are that last night's hail has left dings in your roof. Data collected from Verisk's A-PLUS™ property database reveals that insurers in the US paid six million plus for hail losses between 2008-2013.

Not to mention, research from the same source confirms that roof repairs in the country are increasing. Between 2010-2014, Americans invested more than eight million in some sort of roof repair. As a homeowner, your responsibilities extend far beyond boosting the value of your house.

You have to look into the budget and subsequently explore your roof repair options carefully. The two chief options at your disposal include re-roofing or getting a new roof altogether. Let's dig deeper into the two alternatives and see which suits your roof better:

What are the two options: Roof replacement v/s roof repair

A Reroof entails getting a new layer of shingles over the existing shingles. You can understand this by viewing re-roofing as a band-aid over your damaged roof. On the other hand, getting a new roof means that the entire roof is replaced and a new one is installed in its stead. In other words, you will be bidding farewell to your old roof and welcoming a new roof.

Unarguably, the second option of getting a new roof is more expensive than re-roofing. HomeAdvisor highlights that the average cost of roof replacement ranges between $5,127 – $9,984.

Essentially, the cost depends on the roofing material, the complexity of the work, your house's location, and the type of system that you want to be installed. On the flip side, the expenses of reroofing are also derived from the same factors.

Another comparative factor is the lifespan of both these options. The lifetime of roofing shingles is roughly 25% less than the life of a new roof. This means that a new roof will last longer than shingles, making it worth the investment. This makes sense though. A new roof, of course, has a longer life than a layered shingle that comes atop an already present roof.

Additionally, you can avail the option of re-roofing only once. If you have shingles in place and your roof gets damaged, then you are only left with the choice of a new roof. Besides, reroofing helps to fix small areas of your roof. Therefore, you don't have to get a new roof for fixing a few sections in your roof. In such instances, re-roofing is the perfect solution for you.

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New Roof or Roof Repair? What are the home owners options? roof repair

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When can you go for a roof repair?

As discussed above, re-roofing is the ideal course of action if you need to get certain sections of your roof fixed. In such cases, roof replacement can cost you a lot, whereas, reroofing can help save money.

Reroofing is also a good option if your roof is nearing its end but is in good shape on the whole. For example, if your roof only suffers from minor leaks but no serious water damage, or missing pieces, then you can choose to reroof. You can also opt for reroofing over roof replacement if there isn't any uncontrollable mildew or moss growth.

However, you cannot stick with this option if the deck of your roof is damaged or you already have a shingle on top of your roof. If you try to add a third layer to your roof, then your need nails that are longer than two inches. These are hard to find and unsafe as well.

Moreover, the material of your roof decides the option open to you. It is onerous to obtain reroofing services if you own a metal roof. In contrast, re-roofing is easy for asphalt shingles. The story and pitch of your house also play an essential role. It is easy to re-roof a house that has one story than a home that has two stories.

Likewise, a low pitch makes it undemanding to get a re-roof in contrast with a steep pitch. The same applies to the height of your roof. The higher it is, the more time-consuming and costly it is to get re-roofing services.

When does your roof call for a replacement?

Picture of roof with gable window

New roof or roof repair? Which is the right choice for you?


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A new roof addresses all the problems impacting your roof instead of just covering up the damage. It is typically your only option when you already have a layer of shingles on your roof. You also need to get your roof replaced if it has neared the end of its lifespan.

A telltale sign of the end is a roof that loses a lot of granules. Any beams of light coming into your attic also signal a leaky roof that needs replacement. Furthermore, it is the best way out when the deck of your roof has given way.

Similarly, a sagging roof needs replacing as well before it results in further damage to your house. Moss or mildew growth spell trouble and call for a roof replacement as well. These indicate trapped moisture that ruins your roofing in no time.

On top of all of this, every roof has an expiry date. The executive director of The National Association of Home Inspectors, Claude McGavic, explains this. McGavic says, “An asphalt shingle roof should last between 20 and 30 years. If you have a 40-year-old roof, there could be a problem — even if it looks good from the ground.”

Plus, curling shingles also put a roof replacement in order. Curling shingles are symptoms of weathering. These may also demonstrate leaks in your roof. All these factors demand a roof replacement.

Key takeaway

Although a roof repair can be budget-friendly, sometimes your only option in a new roof. If only a few areas of the roof are damaged, then you can go for re-roofing. However, if the deck of your roof is ruined or you already have a layer of shingles installed, then a roof replacement is due.

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