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Interior Decorating on a Budget

Arranging your rooms doesn't have to be expensive nor too hard. You are probably thinking that only an interior decorator can help with the overall décor of your house, but that is not entirely true. Although professionals know what they are doing and will get the job done faster, you yourself, with the help of a couple of tips, can do the interior decorating.

Furthermore, the décor is not something that is so expensive that you cannot afford it. There are numerous designs that require little investment, but are nevertheless stylish. The best tips you can get on house décor differ from room to room. The ideal approach to remodelling your home is changing it room by room until you get the best overall visual impression. Ready for the living room?

Decorating the living room

Interior Decorating on a budget

Interior Decorating on a budget

This room is the focal point and the center of social life in any house or apartment. That is why you should first change the colours here. Paint the walls in a bold colour, like blue or green. Then place something personal, like travel photos on the walls. In fact, the more personalized the entire room gets, the better. As part of this going bold, you can reuse some old items.

For instance, an old laundry basket can be ideal for storing magazines and other printed material and your grandpa's trunk can be ideal to put near the fireplace. As a final touch, you can use glass cabinets to exhibit collectables. Knitting, teapots, chinaware, and everything else you have piled up over the years can go on display.

Creating the bedroom

Interior Decorating on a Budget interior decorating

Interior decor for your bedroom, on a budget

What the living room is to the house during daytime, that is the bedroom during the night. In order for you to sleep soundly, the surroundings need to be equally serene. The bed itself should have a headboard and there should be no clutter in the room. Your brain will associate the latter with messiness and will project onto your thought so you will never go to sleep.

A nice addition to the bedroom would be the creation of a reading corner. It requires a comfy armchair, a lamp and a nightstand for the book and coffee cups. Finally, to emphasize that homely atmosphere, add a rug on the floor. It obviously shouldn't cover the entire room. Its positioning will convey a sense of grandeur. Just make sure one part of it is secured under a piece of furniture so it cannot be moved by stepping over it.

Customize your home office

This is one room that idleness has no business in. This is a room that should get plenty of light, so the last floor of the house is ideal. Even better if it's a room with a view. There are wonderful little houses like this along Australia's Pacific coast. Local homeowners even order office furniture from Brisbane because they trust the local manufacturing industry. In fact, custom office furniture is not a bad idea for any home office. It can fit in well in a space that is more than often quite cramped.

That is why its décor is so important. You are forced you use every awkward nook at your disposal. All shelves should be as tall as possible and painted in light colours to make the space look bigger than it really is. As a final touch, you could place cushions over a coffee table that doubles as a cupboard. That's the ultimate space-saver!

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Decorating the kitchen

Decorating Your Home On A Budget

Interior Decorating For Your Home On A Budget

The perfect change in your kitchen is the replacement of wooden cabinets with metal ones. The latter give the kitchen an industrial look that is more modern and metal is more durable than wood. The walls are important as well and should be painted in pastel colors to liven up the entire room. A glassy finishing on the countertop gives that final touch of style. If you have a bigger budget, you could cover the walls of the kitchen with stone-like bricks. This would really make this room stand out from the rest of the house.

Personalize the bathroom

Lying in your bathtub and staring into a plain white wall is no fun, no matter how much bath salt you throw in. Have the ceiling painted for the ultimate relaxing ambience. If the ceiling and the walls are of a different colour, then the bathroom will really become personalized. As far as the flooring is concerned, vinyl tiles are the right way to go. They are cheap to buy, easy to lay, and convenient to clean.

They come in different patterns, but the ones that provide the texture effect are perhaps the best. If you have any shelves in the bathroom, you can play with their design. Connect two shelves that are one under the other and create geometrical shapes to adorn the bathroom walls.

As you have seen from our room by room guide to home décor, it really isn't that expensive to redesign the interior of your home. Paint, plywood, and vinyl don't cost much, but their effect is priceless.  Interior decorating can be fun and a low cost way of updating your home.

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