If you’re working with a REALTOR® in the search of a new home, most likely you are receiving MLS® real estate listings via the new Keystone Matrix® system.  My buyers are always asking me to explain what some of the real estate abbreviations or real estate terminology stands for, so I thought I might create this post to help everyone out.  Generally from the top of the listing sheet on down, here are the main ones:

Real Estate Abbreviations

DOM:  Days On Market  reflects how many days since the home has been listed by the agent

TYPE:  RD, SA, TH of MH  means Residential Detached (Stand-Alone), or Single Attached (Side by Side), Townhouse or Mobile Home

TAX AMOUNT:  This is supposed to be the TOTAL GROSS taxes, including all Education Taxes, Local Improvements etc.  As an owner-occupant, you would qualify for a $700 Provincial Rebate

RMA:  Means Rooms Above Ground level

BDA: Bedrooms Above Ground

TBD: Total Bedrooms (including basement bedrooms)

FB: Full Bathrooms  (a “FULL” bathroom has at least 3 pieces, so for example: toilet, sink and shower, or toilet, sink and tub)

HB: Half Bathrooms  (a half bath might have only 1 piece, such as a toilet, or just a sink, but most often has 2 pieces)

EN: Ensuite, which refers to a bathroom that is accessible from a bedroom directly

S/S: Showings Start date.  NO showings can occur BEFORE that date

OTP: Offer To Purchase date.  That the is  FIRST date when offers can be  considered.


Real Estate Abbreviations from The Russell Realty Group

In addition to the above real estate listings abbreviations, you may also come across some of the following real estate terminology, to be found in a variety of printed newspapers and magazines:


A/C or C/Air:  Central Air Conditioning

APPL:  Appliances

ATT or DT: Attached or Detached

CLG: Ceiling

C/Vac: Central Vacuum

CC: Clothes Closet  or possibly “WICC”  as in Walk-In Clothes Closet

AT/2 or DT/2:  Attached double or detached double (as in garage)

EE and HE:  Energy Efficient and High Efficient

F/Fin:  Fully Finished

HWFS and HWDS:  Hardwood floors and simply Hardwoods

WDW:  Windows

WDWK: Woodwork (as referring to baseboards and window casings)

Confused our stumped by other real estate listings abbreviations?  Ask me in the comments, or email me anytime

Bo Kauffmann of Remax performance realty.


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