Maintenance Tips For Laminate Floors In Your Home

Maintenance Tips For Laminate Floors In Your Home

Choosing laminate floors for your interiors or exteriors is not the end of getting great floors. Maintenance and proper care is essential to keep up the beauty and grandeur of floors. Wrong mopping techniques, long gaps between cleaning, and use of wrong cleaner solutions for your lovely floors can ruin their show overtime.

Maintenance Tips For Laminate Floors In Your Home laminate floorsLaminate Floors Basic Care and Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining your laminate floors or even your hardwood floors, you need to follow few basic tips. Most essentially, you need to make a point to avoid wet moping. Laminate floors are not suitable for wet moping. You can rather try out vacuum cleaning. If you are using a broom, make sure that you use a soft bristled broom or you can use dust mops for cleaning floors on a regular basis.

Make more use of rugs and carpets to avoid scratches. You can place rugs beneath heavy furniture or furniture likely to cause scratch marks.

Direct sunlight causes laminate floorings to fade away their shine and polish with time. Therefore, it can be a good idea to restrict direct UV rays from affecting your floors by covering windows when sunrays are most strong.

Handy Tips for Laminate Floor Cleaning

  • Laminate floors are often sensitive to various solutions acidic, alkaline etc. therefore, spills of soda, tea, coffee, and drinks, etc. can affect the shine of the floors. Therefore, it is essential to clean up spills immediately so that the floors do not retain stain or fade away.
  • It is wise to clean up loose dust regularly with soft brooms or vacuum cleaners.
  • If you are using cleansers, make sure you read the composition and choose a soap free cleaner.
  • For tough stains from tar, paints, markers, ink try using acetone based nail polish removers.
  • Water is not the thing for laminate flooring. Excessive use of water can result in laminate boards being separated.
  • If there is something sticky like wax or anything else, which you need to remove from floor do not scratch or scrub using pressure. It can damage the floor with scratch marks. Rather soften the stain with ice cubes, and try to use a plastic scrapper to gently remove the mark.

Maintenance Tips For Laminate Floors In Your Home laminate floorsPreventive Measure

Thinking of a long-term care and sustained maintenance for your floors, it best to take some preventive measures, in first hand to avoid damages. The best way is to use maximum rugs, carpets, and doormats in areas of high traffic to avoid foot printed marks and stains. Heavy furniture when dragged leaves behind a mark on the floor. You can try using padding beneath furniture, which is often moved within your interior. Hallways, corridors if kept covered with carpets can be saved considerably from damages for a longer time. Moreover, these safety coverings trap dirt. You can stay relaxed from fears of spill, oil or ink stains, scratches, etc.

Do’s and Don’ts for Laminate Floors

When maintaining gaudy flooring you need to know which actions to avoid ensuring your floor keeps shining through the years.

  • Instead of applying cleansers directly on floors, it is always preferable to apply them lightly on mops or clean piece of cloth and gently mop your floors.
  • While choosing cleaning solutions or agents avoid using soaps, detergents, shining solutions, oil, or varnish for extra polish and shine. These will rather diminish the shine of your floors.
  • Avoid overlooking spills or water logging on floors.

Floor maintenance in the right way can help you to have shining and beautiful floors for years. However, always keep in mind to take care and prevent damages rather than treating them after. 

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