Living & Working In The Exchange District - Winnipeg Neighbourhood

Living in The Exchange District

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Buildings in The Exchange District

Buildings in The Exchange District

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Life in The Exchange District

[00:00:00.630] – Bo Kauffmann – REMAX

What's Winnipeg‘s Exchange District like?  Let's talk to somebody who lives and works there. That's coming up next.


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[00:00:25.860] – Bo Kauffmann – REMAX

Winnipeg has a lot of fantastic neighborhoods, some well known like Osborn Village and Corydon Village, and another rapidly growing and expanding district is the Winnipeg‘s Exchange District. Now, some of you may know I've been publishing a blog for all going on 12 years now, and I've been publishing a podcast for about eight or 10 years.

[00:00:45.270] – Bo Kauffmann – REMAX

And a young lady by the name of Sagan Morrow has been writing articles for my blog almost from about 10 years ago. And I know she has a condo in the exchange district. So I went to her when I wanted to talk to somebody about life and work in that district. I reached out to her and she was more than willing to come on to the podcast. So by way of introduction, Sagan Morrow teaches busy, time crunched solopreneurs, how to build their own successful home based businesses without the overwhelm, through online courses and business resources at Sagan Morrow. com  I'll have the links in the show notes. She specializes in productivity tips and action oriented strategic planning for multi passionate creatives. Sagan has over a decade of experience as a freelance writer and hosts the indie author weekly podcast. When she isn't teaching solopreneurs or doing freelance work for her own clients, Sagan likes to write romance novels. All right. So I'm here with Sagan, moral productivity strategist and author and Sagan that's been living in Winnipeg exchange district in a condo for quite a while.

[00:01:58.440] – Sagan Morrow

How many years, Sagan?

Bo Kauffmann Real Estate Agent Winnipeg
[00:01:59.940] – Sagan Morrow

It's been ten years now.

[00:02:02.880] – Bo Kauffmann – REMAX

And same place in a condo?

[00:02:04.760] – Sagan Morrow

Yes. Yes. I bought my condo. I lived. I lived in author and village briefly. And then in West Broadway. And then this is the first the first condo that I bought. It was the first place I ever even looked at when I was looking for a home. And I just fell in love with it immediately. And I bought it and I. I've been here ever since. I'm very happy here.

[00:02:25.500] – Bo Kauffmann – REMAX

Is it one of those, like I'm not asking for your address here, but is that one of these, like, warehouses that's been converted which what the exchange district is really known for?

[00:02:34.230] – Sagan Morrow

Yes, that's exactly what it is. You've got like exposed brick and all that. Yeah, OK. Very nice. All right.

[00:02:42.000] – Bo Kauffmann – REMAX

So you've lived in always the like he said Osborne Village and some of the other nice areas. What do you like about the exchange district?

[00:02:48.630] – Sagan Morrow

You know, it's been really wonderful to live here over the past 10 years and see how much the exchange has changed and grown and evolved over that time. It's been absolutely incredible to see how many more people are in the area. And I love it. It's such a cultural hub and that there are so many different things that you can do. And it's absolutely beautiful with all of these historical buildings. It's it's such a central place. That's just wonderful.

[00:03:16.560] – Bo Kauffmann – REMAX

Right. What are some of the things that list some of the things that you like to do and maybe some that most people don't really know about?

[00:03:25.320] – Sagan Morrow

So, you know, the little boutiques and that kind of thing in the area are so lovely. There's a lot there's a very strong sense of community that I think a lot of people don't even realize is a theme in the exchange. But it's true. You know, when you go to the restaurants, when you go to these little boutiques, you get to know the people who are working there and they are just absolutely wonderful. We have just such amazing people living and working and the exchange district and its such a walkable community as well.

[00:03:53.460] – Sagan Morrow

I mean, there's you know, you turn a corner and there's all kinds of new things to look at. And there's, yeah, there's just many different components to the area and having really, really cool little parks nearby and being so close to the river and all of that as well. I mean, the Forks is super close to walk, right? Wow. Really neat.

[00:04:13.230] – Bo Kauffmann – REMAX

Yeah. And the exchange actually is on both sides of Main Street. Right. So you're talking about the west and the east side of Main Street. Yes. Yes. What about restaurants? Is there is I understand there's quite a few restaurants in that area.

[00:04:26.640] – Sagan Morrow

Yeah. I am a huge fan of Peasant Cookery. They make a wonderful French. Seventy five. I'm I also absolutely adore Keenon Ban. Their sandwiches are wonderful. The wet and dry department above the Mitchell block on the other side of of Main Street is really wonderful. The fourth cafe and fourth bar are so good. And I also have really enjoyed Cordova Tapas, which is, you know, a bit of a bit of a jam, I think in the exchange that a lot of people don't really think about.

[00:05:01.050] – Sagan Morrow

When you're thinking about Tapas Winnipeg, you often think about Segovia, which is a bright place in the village. Right. Right. Cordova is really great as well.

[00:05:08.670] – Bo Kauffmann – REMAX

Where are they located again?

[00:05:10.490] – Sagan Morrow

Cordova is on Albert Street. Okay. Yeah. Right.

[00:05:15.000] – Bo Kauffmann – REMAX

Yeah. You're saying it's all within walking distance and that's a good thing because I think parking a lot of people, when they think about exchange, they think about the trouble there is parking.

[00:05:23.200] – Sagan Morrow

Right. So everything is. Once you once you found a place or you parked your car, everything's within walking distance. Yes, absolutely. And, you know, they've also done a really great job. I was I was quite impressed when they when they added in the bike paths I was a little bit concerned.

[00:05:37.720] – Sagan Morrow

At first I was like, oh, no, how. How was how is this going to go? But the bike parts are absolutely wonderful in the area. They've done a really great job of separating them from the street so that it is quite safe for for people cycling. So there's a lot of different ways to to move around the area, which is great.

[00:05:56.830] – Bo Kauffmann – REMAX

Most people that would just say that a lot of people that live in the exchange also work in that area or or is catching a bus. Is that no problem getting transportation out into other areas of town?

[00:06:08.740] – Sagan Morrow

The bus system is really good. I mean, it's for her, the transit system in Winnipeg great here at the general rule. But yeah, the buses are really great. You can get to pretty much anywhere in the city very directly through the transit system. But I would I would say that a lot of people who live in the area also work somewhere close by. And I mean for myself, I work from home, which is very lovely.

[00:06:35.410] – Bo Kauffmann – REMAX

Right. Well, maybe tell us what you do a little bit.

[00:06:37.810] – Sagan Morrow

Oh, sure. I am a productivity strategist, Sipes. I teach people how to manage their time and energy effectively. And I also write novels and I do some freelance writing and editing, as I can attest to, because Sagan's been writing blog posts for me.

[00:06:56.770] – Bo Kauffmann – REMAX

We've been doing this for about ten years and like I said, we've never met in person. It's always been just over the phone or via email.

[00:07:03.910] – Sagan Morrow

Yes, it's it's incredible that we haven't, you know, at some point ran into each other.

[00:07:09.160] – Bo Kauffmann – REMAX

We should go for coffee sometime, but maybe when this whole thing is over. That's right. Yeah. Yes. Anything else you want to share with us about living and working in the exchange district?

[00:07:20.470] – Sagan Morrow

I think I just want to add that there is the exchange is a very unique part of Winnipeg and it's very special. And there are so many different aspects of it that no matter what your interests are, there is something for you in the area. I love going to see the theater at Manitoba theater center. I love going to the ballet and the opera. The Fringe is here in the summer. It was actually fantastic. I mean, the depth different festivals that take place at the Cube at old market square, really wonderful.

[00:07:53.020] – Sagan Morrow

There's a lot of different small art galleries in the area. And people often don't really think about that sort of side of things. But, you know, once you start wandering the streets and you start looking around at the all these beautiful historical buildings, you realize just how many of them have these wonderful. Yeah. Galleries, not kind of famous part of them. So I would absolutely say, you know, take the time to explore the exchange and and really come down and enjoy it as a as an opportunity to see a little bit and maybe a different side of the city.

[00:08:27.460] – Sagan Morrow

Right. Right. It's just absolutely wonderful. And I would highly encourage anyone who's, you know, thinking about living in the exchange. I've always felt very safe here. It's it's a beautiful part of town and I adore it. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

[00:08:42.970] – Bo Kauffmann – REMAX

Well, you certainly have a lot of passion in your voice when you talk about it. So I was quite happy to hear to hear that. So. Well, thank you very much for spending the time with me. SAGAN And I'm sure will we'll talk again and you'll be writing another blog blog post for me again in the very near future.

[00:08:58.750] – Sagan Morrow

Yeah. Thanks so much for having me. OK. Thank you. Sagan Bye-Bye.

[00:09:02.660] – Bo Kauffmann – REMAX

So as we just heard, there's a lot of stuff to do and see and restaurants to to visit in the exchange district. So I just took a quick look at the market and there are currently 14 condos available in the exchange district. Priced anywhere from two hundred thousand dollars at the low end to just a shade over five hundred thousand dollars for a nice luxury unit on waterfront drive.

[00:09:24.700] – Bo Kauffmann – REMAX

So if you're looking to buy a condo in Winnipeg, whether it's in the exchange just trigged Osborne Village or anywhere else, give me a shout. It's Bo Kauffmann Remax Performance Realty 204-333-2202.

[00:09:36.950] – Bo Kauffmann – REMAX

And hey, if you're still with me at this point, why not? Grab my free podcasting app available for AOS and Android devices. It's super easy. Just go to Winnipeg. Got tips, slash Apple or slash Android. That's Winnipeg dot TIPS slash Apple or slash android. That way you'll never miss another episode about Winnipeg real estate or both.


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