5 Simple Feng Shui Rules For Your Home - Home Decorating Tips

5 Simple Feng Shui Rules For Your Home

Home decor has always been popular, which is quite understandable since your home should be your sanctuary and personal refuge, so making it look good and cozy should always be one of your top priorities.

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement that can show you how to arrange objects in your home, in order to attract good fortune, success and inner peace. Like many other things in life, keeping a healthy balance is the key, so applying it to your home is something you should definitely consider, and feng shui is the great way to get started, so for that reason, here are some basic rules that will help you decorate your home to promote harmony, peace, and happiness:

1. Start with a feng shui map

Before anything else, let's start with a feng shui map, also known as Bagua, as it is practically a blueprint for your next steps. First, it is important to point out that there are two schools of Bagua: the classical one and the Bagua that belong to the Western school of Feng Shui. Also, Bagua literally means “8 areas”, and prior to doing any other steps, you should perform the compass reading at your front door, and the good news is, any type of compass will suffice. Compass reading will also determine the areas of your home, which will make the decorating much easier.

2. Focus on the right colours

5 Simple Feng Shui Rules For Your Home Feng Shui

Colours are extremely important when it comes to feng shui, so make sure to learn how to coordinate them properly. Each colour represents something, and in feng shui, you are allowed to use colours for furniture, walls or floors, as colours are the easiest way to change the energy of your whole house. So, for example, red colour represents success, yellow, orange and brown are all about nurturing and support, white represents precision and purity, while blue and green are related to growth, healing and new beginnings. So, your choice of colours should always depend on your needs and personal goals, rather than trends.

3. Get your feng shui cures

5 Simple Feng Shui Rules For Your Home Feng Shui

For those who didn't know, feng shui cures are items that can remedy certain issues and attract good energy, peace, and prosperity to your home, but in order to make that happen, your cures need to be activated. Activation is done by adding or counter-balancing certain elements in your home, in order to achieve desired results. So, depending on your issues and/or goals, you can use different feng shui decor pieces that can create happy and healthy energy in your own place. One of the best-known cures is, of course, Buddha, so it is advisable to have Buddha-like figures, a painting or even a pillowcase with his face. Other popular cures are crystals, mirrors, fu-dogs, aquarium, and lucky bamboo.

5 Simple Feng Shui Rules For Your Home Feng Shui

4. Don’t forget the plants

Speaking of cures, plants are also an excellent way to add stability to your home, while also infusing it with green energy and clean air. Besides, plants also represent growth and healing, which are the most beautiful energies that we could get from nature, and having a few of them is the best way to bring the Wood feng shui element that will be beneficial for multiple areas of your home. However, before you start buying plants, you should make a few assessments, mainly the availability of natural light and care requirements: having too little light won't be good for plant's growth, while not having time to maintain the plants will likely cause them to die, which is the last thing you need if you want a feng shui home decor.

5. Make sure to declutter

5 Simple Feng Shui Rules For Your Home Feng Shui

Feng shui has five elements: water, fire, wood, earth, and metal, and they all have specific properties and energy qualities. As we mentioned previously, each color corresponds to a different element, so it is essential to study them all before you decide to start decorating. Hence, if you're looking to transform your space into a feng shui oasis, it is necessary to thoroughly declutter everything, which means that everything must go. Hiding your stuff simply won't be enough, so make sure to get rid of all the unused items such as old and unread books, unneeded paperwork and all the other things that are broken and cannot be reused.


5 Simple Feng Shui Rules For Your Home Feng Shui

These are only some of the feng shui rules, so if you want to educate yourself further, feel free to read or even consult a feng shui decor specialist. However, it is recommended to be gradual with implementing any changes, because starting slow is the best way to learn and become more aware of your home decor requirements and goals.

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