28 Awesome Tips On How To Declutter Your Home (Infographic)

Home-Declutter-InfographicDeclutter Your Home Before the Sale

If you’re interested in selling your home, decluttering it is a great and necessary first step.  No home or condo buyer wants to step into an episode of “Life or a Hoarder”.  Even if you are not selling, decluttering your house or condo will give you more space and make it easier to find the stuff thats important.

Our friends at HalfPrice.com, an Australian company which offers a wide range of home improvement products, came up with this cool infographic to help you declutter your home,  and they thought, (rightfully) that we might want to share it with our readers.


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Declutter your home and feel happier with these slick storage solutions

https://home.bt.com/lifestyle/house-home/declutter-your-home-and-feel-happier-with-these-slick-storage-solutions-11364007541071Most of us are apparently struggling with too much stuff and half of it we don’t even like. Letting go of things with emotional attachments Part of Kondos success lies in tackling our emotional attachment to belongings. Many of us cling to items even when they’re well past their sell-by-date, purely because we attach them to memories and feelings.

If all your possessions bring unadulterated pleasure, you are not only blessed but unusual. Most of us are apparently struggling with too much stuff – and half of it we don’t even like.


Every so often, we may have an ineffectual cull, and you will feel the need to declutter your home. But then we gradually become ever more dispirited as a tide of belongings inevitably creeps back. More info via Winnipeg’s Real Estate Blog

Also a great Cleaning Tip List Infographic for cleaning your home before selling it.

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