6 Tricks To Make Your New Home More Comfortable - Easy Decor Tips

Creating a comfortable home

Congrats, you just bought a new house! Now that you're finally settled, walls are painted, furniture has arrived and all your clothes are neatly stacked in the closets, it's time to make your house feel like a home. If you don't really know how to boost comfort and give you space some personality, here's a little guide that will show you all the small fixes that will make your house feel welcoming.

Creating a comfortable homeImprove coziness with comfort items

One of the easiest ways to give your home that desirable warm and inviting feel is to fill it with comfort items. Things like pillows and throws will not only add aesthetic warmth to your space but also come in very handy during the colder evenings when all you need is to snuggle up and relax. Nothing can beat sinking into a sea of soft pillows after a hard day. You'll feel right at home!

Add an art piece or two

Creating a comfortable homeArt is no longer reserved for the wealthy, so make sure to invest in a few pieces for your new house. Bare walls sure look clean and sophisticated, but they also tend to have a sterile vibe, no matter how warm your wall paint is. But, with only a few art pieces, you will give your space personality and transform it from just a house into a family home. And, don't be scared to go big and original. In order to achieve a big effect, opt for a large canvas from your local artist rather than grabbing something from a home improvement store.

Improve your air quality and temperature

One of the most overlooked and neglected ways to boost that homey feeling in your space is air quality and temperature. Make sure to regularly change the dirty filters in your furnace and invest in a good air purifier to remove odours, toxins and allergens from your home. Once you have clean air full of oxygen, you will all feel much more comfortable in your space. Additionally, if you live somewhere warm like South Africa or Australia, you will have a lot of trouble relaxing when you're covered in sweat. Luckily, there are cost- and energy-effective air conditioning units you can buy that will keep you nice and cool. They are easy to put up, especially if you call specialists in air conditioning installation from Sydney who will have everything up and running in no time. They even offer expert advice on unit size and power, so you will definitely end up with the right product for your home.

Boost your window treatment

Creating a comfortable homeNew houses often come with boring blinds and generic curtains which do nothing for the aesthetic feel of your space. So, treat your home to some new window dressing that fits your interior design style and your privacy requirements. Think elegant draperies that pool on the floor or sheer and light curtains for a breezy coastal look.

Fill your space with welcoming scents

Familiar and pleasant smells will instantly transform a house into a home. There are many ways you can make your space smell relaxing and inviting. For instance, you can opt for scented candles and reed diffusers. These come in countless scent combinations and can spread seductive aromas throughout your home for a long time (some diffusers last as long as 12 months). If you know your way around the kitchen, a fresh batch of cookies or pastries will give your new home that pleasant and appetizing aroma everyone in the world loves.

Green it up

Creating a comfortable homeAnother way to boost your home's appeal is to add a few plants to the space. A plant in every room of your house will not only improve the look of the space, but also work with your air purifiers to clean your air from toxins and odours. Greenery also affects the mood and helps minimize your stress levels. All in all, any space will feel homier with some greenery! If you don't think you can keep any plant alive, you can opt for a vase full of flowers that will not only brighten up the space, but also fill it with fresh aromas.

These finishing touches might seem small, but they are exactly what you need to create a welcoming, relaxing and pleasant atmosphere of a loving home.

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