Ways To Make Your Boring Yard More Interesting In Winter

Ways To Make Your Boring Yard More Interesting in Winter

Ways To Make Your Boring Yard More Interesting in WinterWhile spring and summer tend to be stronger selling seasons, homes still go on the market in winter. Curb appeal matters, whenever a home is listed for sale. Even if you're not thinking of selling, one way to boost your mood and get through a Winnipeg winter is to make looking out your window about more than shoveling snow. Think about ways to make your boring yard more interesting in winter.


Evergreens are the stalwarts of any winter landscape. They don't all have to be columns or triangles, though. Some grow naturally in mounded or “weeping” shapes. Some broadleaf evergreens, like azaleas and rhododendrons, retain their leaves through the winter, while others, like winterberry holly, display bright fruits in the winter. Some dwarf versions do well in containers and can add interest to your front entry (but use containers that won't crack in the cold).

Dogwoods with Colored Twigs

Some species of dogwood drop their leaves in the fall and reveal colorful twigs in the winter. They can be red, yellow, or even orange. A row of colorful dogwoods looks great in front of a stand of taller evergreens, and can brighten your winter landscape.


You'll have to shovel the path from the drive to the door anyway, so why not make it interesting with an arbor that creates an entrance to the path? Plant evergreen shrubs or flowers like sedum, that keep their flowerheads on either side. Snow will top the arbor and the shrubs creating vertical interest in your winter yard.

Ornamental Grasses

Don't cut your ornamental grasses back until the snow melts. They are among many plants that look good when they turn brown and are dusted with snow. Plus, they rustle in the breeze, adding auditory interest as you walk your path.

Pre-winter Maintenance

Before you think about adding containers or, if you still have time before the ground freezes, planting new trees and shrubs, tidy up your landscape. Contact an arborist to assess the trees you have, and remove dead or hazardous trees and branches that could come down with the weight of snow and ice. Clean the gutters to avoid ice dams and icicle formation.

Before the cold sets in, another way to make your winter yard more interesting in winter is to paint your front door and your mailbox. A pop of color against a white blanket of snow really stands out and draws the eye toward your house, even in deep snow.

Winnipeg winters are no picnic, but your home can still look pretty through the snowy months. Keeping up your home's appearance through the winter increasing the odds of a successful sale at a good price.

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