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Should we wait until spring to buy a home?

A common question home buyers have is: should we buy in the fall, or should we wait until spring to buy a home?  Buying in the fall means you might have to move when its bitterly cold, or there are a couple of feet of snow on the ground.

But buying in the fall-time also comes with some advantages:

Fewer Bidding Wars:

Because other home buyers are waiting until spring, buying a new home in the fall will also mean there is less competition.  Bidding wars, although still happening occasionally, are not as common.  This means you may end up getting a house for less.

Home Inspection and other conditions

Buying in the fall of any given year may also allow you (the buyer) to put conditions on the offer, such as a home inspections, financing condition and other required conditions.

Check this article for other advantages to buying a home in the fall.

And if you’re ready to shop for a new home, house or condo, contact me anytime.  I’d love to be your real estate agent.


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