Home Renovation: 10 Important Things You Should Not Ignore

Home Renovation: 10 Important Things You Should Not Ignore

A house is one of the most prized possessions you can have. This is why you have to be responsible enough to make sure that your home is properly maintained and remains in mint condition. Likewise, a newly renovated house raises the value of a home, making it more enjoyable to live in. Nonetheless, not all renovations turn out to be successful. Some home renovation projects can be really frustrating, especially if you ignore some crucial considerations – even ignoring the importance of leak detection London companies can cost you a fortune!

In that regard, we highlight 10 things that you should never ignore if you want your renovation to be successful:

Approval from Relevant Authorities

This may seem like an insignificant step, but it is imperative that you obtain the right permits. If you ignore this step and your neighbours report your construction, you might have to bring it all down and restart all over again with a permit. In addition, if an accident occurs, your homeowner's insurance will not cover it without proof of a valid approval.

A Home Inspection

Before you get down to renovating your house, it is advisable to get home inspection done by a professional. While many homeowners see home inspectors as an obstacle on their path to a finished remodel, you should realize that an inspector can pinpoint flaws you may never have noticed. In fact, inspectors are trained to identify issues that would prevent a house from meeting various building codes.

Home Renovation Design

You should never start a renovation project without a comprehensive floor plan. Lots of elements interact in a space. As such, you should put everything on paper. Doing so, you'll catch problems and correct them before it's too late. While you may be able to construct a space without a plan, you need to hire a reputable designer if you want a functional and beautiful space.

The Natural Style of Your Home

When it comes to home renovation, it is possible to create virtually any look. However, you have to ensure that your preferred style blends with your home unless you want to completely change the natural architecture of your house. For instance, if you have a Southern Plantation, it could be difficult to give it a New York City penthouse look.

Fortunately, with the help of an interior designer, you can install your dream features into the current layout of your home to achieve your vision.

The “Measure Twice” Rule

Whether you're laying down new wood floors or painting a wall, it is imperative that you measure the space twice. This is particularly important with custom-made products, or products that require a minimum order in a bid to avoid set up fees for minimal orders down the road. If you're ordering flooring, for instance, you should always factor in the right cutting allowance depending on the quality and type of flooring you're using.

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Green Products

About a decade ago, most homeowners shied away from Green building products in light of the fact that the products were considered expensive. Today, however, green products are much more mainstream and available in a vast range of prices. This makes them more accessible.

Make use of eco-friendly building materials to minimize your global footprint. You can achieve this by using the following:

  • Rain water collection and preservation.
  • The use of earth friendly renewable energies like solar, geothermal, and wind power.
  • Eco-friendly insulation will keep your house cooler or warmer, naturally – depending on where you live.

The Significance of Lighting

You should know that lighting can make or break the appeal of your home. Actually, it is not until you're in the finished product that you'll appreciate the beauty of proper lighting. While you may not notice good lighting, bad lighting can drive you crazy for years!

Therefore, make sure you get your lights in the right spots first time by engaging a professional. In fact, there's a science in lighting that you may not have time to learn when remodelling your home.

Upgrading the Electrical

Electrical systems and parts should top the list of things that you get a quote for when refurbishing your house. They are crucial to keeping your home flowing. You don't want to be like one couple that had their kitchen renovated without upgrading the electricals, only to realize the house short circuits when the kettle and dishwasher are running at the same time. Therefore, when undertaking a home renovation project, ensure that your electrical board can handle new demands.

Setting a Budget

Unless you have unlimited financial resources, you should always set a budget before you start renovating. You should estimate every single cost and add more to be on the safe side of things. In fact, it is advisable to have at least 30% more money than your estimated costs.

If you end with too high a number, it is advisable to save up for your renovation instead of shopping halfway. Besides being a breeding ground for accidents, unfinished floors and plastic sheets for walls are just unsightly and normally get worn-out quite fast.

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Professional Input

It doesn't matter how many reality TV programs and YouTube videos you have watched, there are some things you just can't do yourself, and hence the need to call in the experts. Complicated projects like hanging drywall, rewiring electrical, and installing a roof can be so demanding and will have a lasting impact on the value of your house. Therefore, don't ignore the presence of the many construction companies in London just to save a few coins.


Home renovation is a long-term investment and any decision you make will have significant consequences down the line. Therefore, when renovating your house, you should never ignore the aforementioned things if you want an amazing home that you'll love coming to every day.  Plus, following the proper steps will help you in the future when it comes time to sell your home.

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