Spring Cleaning Tips : Don't Forget These 4 Areas

Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is a time for renewal, with nature blooming and temperatures warming. It's also a great opportunity to give your home the deep clean it deserves. When tackling your spring cleaning list, you should make sure to hit these often-forgotten areas that need extra attention.

Spring Cleaning Tips spring cleaning

Light Fixtures and Ceiling Fans

Light fixtures and ceiling fans are two of the most neglected items in the home when it comes to cleaning. Grease, dust, and dirt can build up over time on light fixtures and ceiling fans, blocking light or causing them to become discolored. To clean your light fixtures and ceiling fans, use a vacuum cleaner with an attachment to suction off as much dust as possible on both sides of the fixture or fan blade.

Then use a cloth dampened with warm water and mild detergent to wipe away any remaining residue. Be sure to not get water on electrical components when cleaning!

Spring Cleaning Tips: Clean the baseboards

Spring Cleaning Tips: Clean the baseboards


Baseboards are often ignored because they're not seen very often; however, they can quickly accumulate dust and debris which can be difficult to remove if neglected for too long. For best results, use an all-purpose cleaner applied directly to a microfiber cloth instead of spraying it directly onto the baseboards so that you don't accidentally soak them in liquid.

Move from one side of the room to the other using sweeping motions, making sure to get into every nook and cranny along the way. If needed, you can also use a toothbrush dipped in cleaner for more precise cleaning around edges or corners of the baseboard molding.

Carpet Cleaning

While decluttering and dusting may be top of mind, it's crucial not to overlook the importance of carpet cleaning during your spring cleaning endeavors. Over time, your carpets can accumulate a significant amount of dirt, dust, and allergens, which not only detract from the appearance of your home but can also impact the air quality and overall health of your living environment.

Investing time in thoroughly cleaning your carpets can not only rejuvenate the look and feel of your home but also promote a healthier and more enjoyable living space for you and your loved ones. So, as you embark on your spring cleaning journey, remember to give your carpets the care and attention they deserve to ensure a truly revitalized home.

Spring Cleaning Tips spring cleaning


Upholstered furniture is usually cleaned once or twice a year due its tendency to pick up dirt from everyday activities like eating or lounging around. If you're dealing with stubborn stains on an upholstered piece of furniture such as a sofa or armchair, try using an upholstery shampoo specifically designed for this purpose; otherwise, an all-purpose cleaner will do just fine. Gently apply the cleaner onto surfaces with a soft brush—avoid pressing too hard so that you don't damage delicate fabrics—and let it sit for several minutes before wiping it off with a damp cloth. Be sure not to saturate fabric with liquid!

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Springtime is an ideal opportunity for tackling those areas in your home that may have been overlooked during regular weekly cleanings throughout the year. Light fixtures and ceiling fans tend to be especially dirty after months of neglect so make sure no detail is forgotten when cleaning them. Baseboards should be wiped down using all-purpose cleaner applied directly onto microfiber cloths.

Lastly don't forget about upholstery which needs special attention when dealing with stubborn stains using products specifically designed for this purpose such as an upholstery shampoo . With these tips in mind you'll have no problem giving your home some much needed TLC during this season of renewal!

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