What To Inspect In Your Home Before Selling It

What To Inspect in Your Home Before Selling It

What To Inspect in Your Home Before Selling It Selling your home is an exercise in patience and perseverance. While it can seem like a never-ending process, you will get through it eventually. To give yourself the best chance of a sale, you want to make sure you understand the condition of the house. Not knowing some of these things can put buyers off your house quickly, so proper inspections are important. We’ll tell you what to inspect in your home before selling it so you can fix anything that might hinder your ability to make the sale.


The foundation of your home is crucial to almost every other part of it. Foundation problems aren’t cheap to fix, but they also can drive potential buyers away if they’re not dealt with before you start showing the house off. Whether you have cracks in the foundation or your home is sinking slightly—you need to know these problems exist before you get too deep into a sale.


A potential buyer will want to know when the last time the plumbing had a checkup before they buy. Plumbing problems can cause serious property damage, and no buyer wants to take that on. Have an inspector check your drains, faucets, showers, and tubs to make sure everything flows correctly, and that there aren’t any clogs.


Radon exposure is only behind smoking in terms of causing lung cancer in people. The tricky thing about radon is that it’s odorless, tasteless, and invisible. There are simple home tests you can buy that will test your home’s radon levels, or you can hire a radon professional to take care of the testing instead. Whatever you choose, you’ll want to mitigate any radon that’s over the safe limit before you put your house up for sale.


One thing you’ll want to inspect your house for before selling it is the presence of any mold. You can get mold spots from leaky pipes, faulty roofs, and even toilet overflows. Finding and dealing with a potential mold problem isn’t an act of altruism, it’s one you need to do before you can safely put your house on the market.



Bug infestations are a big deterrent to buyers looking at your house, especially if the infestation is a termite one. If you’re unsure about any pests being in your home, calling in a pest control professional may be your best bet for finding them. Infestations are often hard to spot unless you have a trained eye, so hiring an inspector is going to pay off much more than just looking for yourself.

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