Should You Move Or Build A House Extension?

Should You Move or Build a House Extension?

Life gets chaotic at times, and one of the biggest causes of chaos in a home is not having enough space. When people are living on top of each other, chaos ensues, and there's only so much of that chaos that most families can take. Luckily, there are some solutions. You can move into a larger home, or you can build an extension onto your current home. Both options offer something different, so you'll have to choose which benefits you prefer. Keep reading to learn how you can decide if you should move or build a house extension.

Why You Should Move

Moving is a lot of work, but it gives your family great opportunities. No home extension can solve all your space problems, such as a bigger laundry room, a spacious kitchen, and extra bedrooms for kids. You can hunt down a house with all those options and more. While many costs go into homeownership, especially when upsizing, those costs are often worth it if they give you a more comfortable home.

Moving also gives you and your family a new place to explore. Whether you're moving up the street or across the country, take the time to explore and enjoy your new space and neighborhood. Kids can make new friends, you can try a new career, and everyone gets a fresh start with a move. If you want more space and a fresh start, moving is for you.

Why You Should Build an Extension

There's a lot to consider when building a home extension. Budgets, property lines, permits, and accommodations during the construction process just scratch the surface of everything involved. For some, though, all that work is worth it. You get to invest in the home you've already made so many memories in and turn it into your forever home. And the extra investment will pay off if you do move, whether just a few years down the road because of a job change or decades in the future when you need to downsize.

Staying in your home and building an extension allows you to keep your lifestyle as is. While you may have to stay somewhere else during the construction process, your kids can attend the same school, and you can stay within commuting distance to the office. You can still see all your friends and visit your favorite local places. Nothing really has to change except for your home.

Deciding Which is Best

Both options offer you the opportunity to live in a home that fits your lifestyle. Your decision between moving or building an extension will depend on your finances and other extenuating circumstances, such as jobs and school systems. Moving is best if your family is ready for a change and you can find something within budget. If you want to stay where you are and enjoy having a bigger home in the near future, building a home extension is best.

Should you move or build a home extension? Your choice between the two depends on your budget, lifestyle, and just how much you want to change. Both are good investments and can help you live a happier, less chaotic life. Weigh your options, talk with your family, and pick the option that works best for everyone.

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